Oman Game Review: The Chef Battle

10 Aug 2017
POSTED BY Y Magazine

There are no world-class chefs here: neither Gordon Ramsay nor Mary Berry to criticise my cooking. But the ‘Chef Battle’ is more fun than just cooking and gastronomy. It’s about having fun.

It all starts with you taking control of the virtual reality (VR) headset and walking into the gaming arena – a red stand in the midst of the restaurants – at the City Centre Muscat. So, there’s none of that real-world interaction involved.

Following that, you’re given an almost sword-like knife. Yep, I’m pretty darn sure it’s not a spatula or a fork – despite being a completely ignorant chef.

And then the countdown starts. 3…2…1… Slash (!)

Soon, vegetables and fruit will be flung at you; one at a time. Carrots, potatoes, oranges; you’ve got it all.

Your goal is to slash them away with your knife, and avoid the glowing red ingredients.

Slowly yet steadily, the pace and intensity of the game increases. And the chances of you striking the red glowing ingredients rise, too.

But, it’s fairly easy once you get to grips with the controller and the virtual reality headgear. The key is to focus on what comes towards you and ignore everything else. Of course, standing like a vegetable in the grand stand will not help your cause, either. Try to move around a bit and slash all those ingredients.

After a two-minute session with the game, I scored roughly 380 points – a whole 500 points behind the leader. But I heard that it was among one of the better times, as kids generally struggle to get into the groove of the game in under two minutes.

I feel good knowing that. Being an adult does have its perks after all.

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