Oman Fashion: Jean genies

31 Aug 2017
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Denim never goes out of style. Comfy and practical, there’s a reason it has been a staple for generations of men (and women). Nothing is better than putting on something that’s hard-wearing but very versatile, stylish and even smart.

Get the Look: From the high end to the high street, Gemma Harrison helps you to get the look.

Now, how to find that jumper without looking like a nerd or an extra from “That 70s Show”? Keep it simple in shade and design, like this light-grey, tight-fitting pullover from River Island.

Denim shirts don’t need to be dull or a cast-off from a Status Quo concert. Embrace embroidered additions, patches or even tassles or tinted pockets. This funky one can be found at WSCLN.

OK, you want to wear a denim jacket but don’t want to look like a relic from any US goldrush? Hit pay dirt instead with this revival vintage number from Lee.

Guys, you CAN wear light-blue, washed out denim without looking like your dad, and this option comes in more fits, cuts and sizes than ever before, such as this pair of jeans from Levi’s.

Who says you can’t wear formal shoes with jeans? Don this classic pair of brown Oxford brogues from Peter Christian. With dark socks and a pair of smart, grey jeans, you’ve got the demands of your day covered.

Boho and wanderlust go hand-in-hand with denim, and this smart, black mini flight bag from Levi’s is just the ticket.

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