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Oman Beauty: Match your fragrance to the time of year

With the captivating Khareef season taking storm in Oman, there are crisp, earthly scents in the air. While it’s important for your perfume to match your taste and mood, not many people consider the season when choosing what fragrance to wear.

When particular notes from one’s natural surroundings combine with the wearer’s perfume, it can either complement or clash. On a practical level, temperature has an impact on how scents are noticed – hot weather enhances floral notes and causes fragrances to evaporate faster, while cold weather will allow fragrances to linger for a while.

Interestingly, each scent belongs to a fragrance family – here are some tips for perfumes to wear in Oman’s variety of seasons:


This season represents a time of change when buds bloom. To complement the sweet smell of freshly-mown grass in the air, soft and floral fragrances with a light citrus note and stronger minty nuances are preferred during this time of year.  Avoid strong, oriental and fruity fragrances and embrace a softer scent for the onset of spring.

Fragrance family: softs florals and greens

Recommended fragrance: Rumz Al Rasasi 9453 – (Croco), Folklory


Summer is the season for holidays and long days at the beach. As the heat tends to highlight floral notes before evaporating quickly, try white florals with a fruity combination, fougere (a lavender blend), yellow florals and marine accents to evoke the fresh spray of the Arabian sea in the day. For an evening perfume, go for dry and musky tones.

Fragrance family: Fourgere, florals and marines

Recommended fragrances: Junoon Satin Pour Homme, Junoon Satin Pour Femme or Ramz Al Rasasi Zebra


To complement the Khareef season in Salalah, try fragrances with woody, mossy facets. The dry, woody retentions with lingering smokiness will accentuate the green scents at the forefront. The saturated earthiness of the fragrance will therefore project an aura of oriental mystique in this enigmatic season.

Fragrance family: Green, woody, mossy, leather and suede

Recommended fragrances: Hawas Men, Hawas Women, Junoon Velvet Pour Homme or Junoon Velvet Pour Femme


At the other end of the seasonal spectrum is winter. It is the ideal time for oriental notes. The cold temperatures allow the delicate and sophisticated notes to fully develop throughout the day. The finest scents to embrace the mixture of both cooler outdoor and cozy indoor weather are fruity, balsamic, gourmand, smoky, and wet woody. To provide a feeling of warmth around the fireplace, lingering notes include amber, wet musks and smoky oud with berries, zesty, tart and cocoa.

Fragrance family: Oriental, Gourmand, Aromatic, Chypre

Recommended fragrances: Attar Al Mohabba (Men & Women), La Yuqawam Women or Shuhrah Men