Oman Beauty: Get the right glam and glow

10 Aug 2017
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

What lifts your glamour quotient is that perfect shade and glow, and for that you need the right highlighter. Christine Karan tries out the must-have vanity essential for different tones and moods.

am an avid watcher of YouTube beauty tutorials. Thanks to the numerous beauty gurus, I’ve learnt plentiful tips as well as tricks on make-up. One of my favourite beauty gurus is Nikkie De Jager, or popularly known as NikkieTutorials, and there is only one thing she preaches: Glow.

In most of her videos, she always adds that perfect shade of highlighter to her cheek bones as a final step that immediately elevates the glamour quotient. As a fan of glitz and shimmer, I decided to buy myself a palette of highlighter. After going from shop to shop (not that I complain) in search of that perfect shade and glow, I landed at Kiko Milano — an Italian brand that the Middle East has embraced.

Right in front on the showcase was a Limited Edition Kiko Milano Highlighter and it was love at first sight. I couldn’t wait to get home and…after doing a full-face make-up, I tried the brand new highlighter. The glamour proportion lifted many levels. My love for highlighter grew manifolds and thus I started my search for many more shades of shimmery glamour in a box.

One of the first brands that I came across was Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter. With just one swipe it takes your entire glam game to a different level but at the same time gives the whole look character and illumination.

The Kate Von D’s Alchemist Holographic highlighter looks just brilliant even at the first look. A futuristic packaging with four different shades of crispy green, oceanic purple, Disney blues and flirty pink, this highlighter has choices to suit different skin tones and different moods — and in my opinion is a vanity essential. Need a morning sheer for a brunch or a glamour glow for an evening party? This highlighter kit is definitely a must-have.

Another brand that carries the right shade of highlighter that suites my skin tone was Nars Illuminator in the shade of Copacabana. Easy to carry and easy to wear, this liquid illuminator is light-reflecting that enhances the complexion with an incandescent shimmer.Wear it alone or with a full-face make-up and get that extraordinary shine.

If you are a fan of a blinding glow, which also gives a dewy look for the day or night, then Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter is the illuminator for you. Stacked in three shades, this powder-based highlighter gives the blend of a gel highlighter with a pearly radiance and eye-catching metallic shine. Compact to carry in your purse for any time re-touch, this Love Light Prismatic Highlighter is an everyday essential.

Korean beauty products are world-renowned and one of the recent entries into the Middle East is the very popular Korean brand Too Cool For School. Their highlighter Dinoplatz Pearl Bay Invasion is a deeply moisturising that instantly gives the complexion a perfect 3D illumination that is light, effortless and natural.

Give yourself a perfect, classic yet elegant radiance and dazzle like a diamond.

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