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20 Jul 2017
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

This week, Y’s movie critic, Kevin McIndoe, voices his opinion on The Beguiled, Baby Driver, Baywatch and 6 Days.

The Beguiled

Dudes in distress may be rare in movie history but they do say the female of the species is more deadly than the male.

Who can forget James Caan being captured and tortured by Kathy Bates in horror classic Misery, for one?

In this, Corporal John McBurney (Colin Farrell) finds himself gravely wounded in a field in Virginia during the American Civil War.

He is taken in by the buttoned-up boarders of a seminary for young ladies run by the formidable Miss Martha (Nicole Kidman).

Of course, as he is a Union soldier, she should really turn him in to the Confederates but her Christian charity precludes her from doing so. Or is it down to something else?

Repressed, restrained and corseted in frocks that have been bleached and starched to within an inch of their lives, these girls are not exactly used to expressing themselves.  With lives devoid of colour, and subject to rigid gender bias, perhaps the apparent plight of Cpl McBurney is just the ticket to add to some colour to their world that is just… beige.

McBurney is a bit of a chancer, and is actually a deserter. He faces being hung out to dry (quite literally) by either side if they catch hold of him. However, once he’s up to it, Miss Martha puts him to work in the garden, and when his roving eye starts to stretch beyond the begonias then that’s when the trouble starts.

Sofia Coppola has helmed a very watchable costume drama/thriller with just enough nuggets of sly humour to keep things interesting.

It’s also gorgeous to look at, with shafts of butterscotch-like sunlight that illuminate proceedings, lending them an ethereal quality reminiscent of Peter Weir’s classic Picnic at Hanging Rock.

Review by Kevin McIndoe

Baby Driver

Baby (Ansel Egort) is a former joyrider who likes to live his life at speed, usually with his iPod playlist puncturing his every move.

While caring for his ailing foster father, Baby dreams of a better life out west with his waitress girlfriend Debora (Lily James) who has the endearing habit of singing the Rachel Sweet hit “B-A-B-Y” as she serves customers.

After being forced into working for venal crime boss Doc (Kevin Spacey) as a getaway driver, Baby finds himself in the middle of a heist that goes disastrously wrong. This is definitely one of the most exhilarating action-thrillers of the year. In fact, it’s a total blast.


Matt Brody (Zac Efron), a former Olympic swimmer, wants to work for an elite group of lifeguards led by the worldly Mitch Buchannon (Dwayne Johnson). Matt thinks the job virtually has his name on it but Mitch thinks his overconfidence and relaxed attitude might not necessarily make for an effective potential lifesaver.

However, when a devious resort owner has designs on the beach, Mitch and Matt must join forces to keep the beach clean, in every sense of the word.

This is an enjoyable romp; a comedy-thriller that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and wisely chooses to send up the 90s TV series that shares its name.

performances, and Javed (a cricketer) proves you can moved from the world of sports to film in her big-screen debut. David Beckham, take note.

6 Days

In April 1980, armed gunmen stormed the Iranian embassy in London. For six days, a siege dominated the news agenda while SAS commandos plotted a raid, codenamed Operation Nimrod, to free the hostages. For millions of viewers in the UK, the event was thrilling live television as 30 masked troops stormed the building’s balcony hurling grenades through the windows. Therefore, a better premise for an action-thriller would be hard to find. Let’s hope it doesn’t play too fast and loose with artistic licence, as this should prove beyond all doubt that real life IS drama. With Jamie Bell and Mark Strong.

Oman Release Date: August 3

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