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Oman Beauty: Tips on how to help your teen get organised

Teenagers can be trying, particularly during the school holidays. And if they come out in spots, well good luck, people.

Every parent knows the school holidays can be well… challenging. Even getting your teenagers out of bed before 11am can be an achievement.

And that mid-morning shriek echoing from the bathroom when your teenager realises he or she has a zit that wasn’t there the night before will start their (and your) day on the wrong foot.

That coupled with the fanciful idea that teenagers can organise their own lives will be common knowledge to most parents.

However, we can but try. What’s the point of bemoaning your offspring’s lack of basic life skills if you have given up on showing them how it’s done? You’ll get the usual protests (and more) but at least have another go.

Here are some tips to pass on to your time-challenged teenagers. And don’t forget to buy a good acne lotion.

If your teenagers can work to manage and save time where they can, they can carve out some much-needed rest and relaxation. Parents, that means less stress
for you.

Now roll on, the new term.

Source: Family Features