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20 Jul 2017
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For that sun-kissed look, Christine Karan waxes lyrical over what has become an essential part of her vanity kit.

friend of mine who is a makeup enthusiast gifted me a classic red Clarins box. I was super-excited to know what was in it, whatever it beheld.

Unfolding the shiny, little red box, I saw a shimmery brown, circular kit with tropical designs. My immediate reaction was that of a makeup junkie i.e. mind-blowing excitement.

The kit was packed with a dewy, strong shade of shimmer and two shades of warm, tropical brown bronzer that would instantly give me that degree of glow and warmth I have been craving.

However, a thought struck me. Won’t a bronzer make my tan skin even darker, instead of endowing me with an ideal glow? So, I did my research.

Let’s start with bronzer. Available as cream or powder, a bronzer is a face makeup medium that enables you to look sun-kissed or will give you that light-tan glow without the harmful damage of tanning in the sun. However, it’s not a means of contouring, but then what is the difference between countouring and bronzing, I  hear you ask?

Vogue Australia’s Victoria Hogan has the answer in a single sentence.

“Bronzing brings a sun-kissed balminess to the face while contouring delineates facial features with faux shadows.” 

Victoria adds that even if you don’t have time for a full Kim Kardashian-esque contouring, dusting a bit of bronzer on your cheek will eliminate the “flat-face” look.

Your facial features will come alive with contouring, which can be accentuated with a little soft dusting of bronzer for that sun-kissed glow.

But are bronzers good for tan skin types like mine?

Many makeup artists say they are, and that bronzers can be worn by brown or deeper skin tones. 

Victoria adds: “People with medium skin tone should avoid soft pinks and peaches, as these tend to wash out the face.

“Soft copper and bronze shades are suitable for olive undertones while golden bronzers like MAC Refined Golden Bronzing Powder complement more yellow tones. 

“Contouring deeper skin tones can sometimes look too harsh. Instead, opting for a bronzed highlight like Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer will add flattering dimension and glow.”

Having undertaken some research, I tried the bronzer and did my usual routine of primer, foundation, concealer, contouring and then… bronzing. I was awestruck by the difference it created from just being contoured to being contoured and bronzed. It gave me a wonderful warm shade that perfectly complemented my tan skin.

On the whole, I love my new bronzer and now if anyone were to ask me if a bronzer is a must, I would most certainly say yes. It is now a mainstay in my vanity kit.

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