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Oman Food: Italians do it better

The Mediterranean diet is well-known for using fresh, wholesome ingredients and even pizza done properly can be good for you.

Italian cuisine has influenced food culture around the world, and is often viewed as an art form that includes the freshest, most authentic ingredients that are prepared with passion and served with love to family and friends.

Mealtime is a celebration, captured by the Italian proverb: “You never grow old at the table”.

Classic Italian dishes have been joined by refreshing, modern twists on tradition that help keep the love affair alive and well with this simple but colourful; flavoursome yet healthy cuisine.

Started in Lucca, Italy; in 1867, Filippo Berio Olive Oil celebrates 150 years of culinary passion and artistry by combining traditional ingredients in contemporary, unexpected recipes that can help you savour the moment.

For more recipe creations, take a look at FilippoBerio.com/recipes.

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Cast-Iron Skillet Pizza

Recipe courtesy of Chef Mary Ann Esposito

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 20 minutes

Makes: Two 22cm pizzas


Heat a well-oiled cast-iron or nonstick 25cm frying pan over a medium heat for five minutes.