Omani Despacito: Comedy version of the song on high dowries goes viral

27 Jul 2017
POSTED BY Y Magazine

Omanis have released their own humorous cover of the Despacito internet sensation singing about the prohibitive price of marriage arrangements in the country. 

At least quarter of a million people have watched the Omani version of an internationally popular song, Despacito, in just 24-hours after it was uploaded on YouTube.

The cover song, Athabtouhum (You tortured them), which highlights the high costs of marriage in the Sultanate, has also been featured on BBC Trending.

Sung by Mohammed Al Manji, the two-minute video was shared by hundreds of people on different social media platforms.

The video shows a group of local young men visiting an older man to ask for his daughter’s hand (marriage).

The father then demands the suitor to provide his daughter an apartment, a car, shabka (money and jewellery given to a bride as a part of Omani traditions) as well as pay a dowry.

Oman has seen a 6.4 per cent decrease in marriages last year compared to 2015, while it registered 3,736 divorce cases in 2016, the highest record in the last five years.

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