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22 Jun 2017
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Alvin Thomas tests some of the latest devices for working on the go.

Quiet and comfy

Coffee outlets can be very practical places to work: you get free Wi-Fi and the freedom to sip on your favorite mocha while you do so. However, these areas can get quite noisy, and that is why you need to invest in a pair of these Bose Quiet Comfort Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones. The over-the-ear headphones not only cup your ears efficiently but also prevent noise bleed, and have effective noise-cancellation technology that can isolate you from your surroundings. Oh, the quality of the audio is unmatchable. Available at amazon.com for RO134.3.

Project it

Gone are the days when you had to hook up a heavy projector to your computer and the power supply to give presentations. Now, you can do it efficiently with your smartphone. All you really need is this Mille Power HI-P60 Pico Projector. The device can project the content (videos, pictures, and PowerPoint, Word and Excel files) from your phone screen directly to the public. The device also comes with its own hands-free stand. Buy it from amazon.com for RO130.4.

Be Shure

Tired of carrying multiple audio recorders along with you while you’re working? If that’s the case, you need to invest in Shure MV88. The recording device hooks straight up to your Apple iPhone or iPad and will provide you with superior audio quality and clarity. Moreover, it comes with a cardioid and bi-directional microphone, which makes it perfect for securing group interviews. For best results, download Shure’s application from iTunes. Yours for RO57.3 from amazon.com.

Editor’s Pick


Versatility is key when working out of the office, especially if you need to jot down key points or create sketches as you go about your daily tasks. This can be difficult when you’re on the go. And that’s where the Samsung Chromebook Plus comes in handy. The laptop comes with an impressive 360-degree touchscreen, an S-Pen stylus for when you want to scribble something on the screen and, best of all, Google Play compatibility. Apart from that, the device barely tips the scales at 1.08kg, but still manages to rock a 30cm display, an octa-core processor and even two USB type-C ports. Get it from Samsung.com for RO173.2.

App of the Week


Not all writers have copy editors to check their work for errors. In such cases, it is best to make use of what technology has to offer. Editorial is an application that enables users to create workflows such as spell-checking your text, Googling synonyms for a word, and finding and replacing text. It even offers a built-in browser for quick research, eliminating the need to leave the app. Of course, it is no real copy editor but you can still get it for RO1.92 from iTunes.

Game Review: American Truck Simulator

There’s something oddly satisfying about hitching your trailer, getting into your truck and driving for thousands of kilometres to deliver the goods. And if you agree, then American Truck Simulator is the game for you.

The game, as its title suggests, lets you try out long-distance lorry driving. You get a choice of four trucks, but real manufacturers such as Volvo and International have been working to get accurate versions of its trucks ready for the game.

The game revolves around you – a small-time truck driver – and your business skills. You start with a small pool of money with which you invest in a small truck, a load carrier and goods, before setting off on a long journey to the ends of the US.

The farther you drive, the more money you make; mistakes will be punished. Slamming into vehicles, speeding and even jumping red lights are punishable, and you will lose money per offence. Think of it as training for real-world trucking.

The graphics are sublime and the world details are awe-inspiring. You get to see various US landmarks like the Grand Canyon and can drive through California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Unfortunately, much like real life, the distance between two states is lengthy. I approve that the makers of the game (SCS Software) are keeping its originality but, come to think of it, driving thousands of kilometres on a computer using your keyboard is just a bit too much. Despite that, however, the game has millions of fans.

Generally, I approve of the American Truck Simulator. All it really needs is a bit more polishing on the realism (truck physics, for one), some more states and above all, a fast-forward button of some sorts. Overall, it’s a fun game.

Info Box

  • Developer: SCS Software
  • Publisher: SCS Software
  • Platform: OSX, Microsoft Windows, Linux
  • Genre: Vehicle simulation
  • Mode: Single player

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