Voice of Oman: Nishad Padiyarath on why children should read more books

15 Jun 2017
POSTED BY Y Magazine

When was the last time your child read a book? There is a serious decline in reading habits among children due to technological developments.

While technology is slowly taking steady control over individual lives, the reading culture is fast vanishing into thin air.

Students now lack the skill of reading. Instead they spend more hours on electronic media. Browsing the net, playing with funky handsets and writing non-stop WhatsApp messages seem to be the order of the day.

Parents feel obligated to buy new technology to ensure their children “keep up” and it seems money is no object, even in financially challenged homes.

So, where children might once have picked up a book, now screens fill their time. The result is that those moments when reading took root and flourished are diminishing. 

How can you improve the habit of reading among children? The rule is simple: instead of buying them electronic gadgets, buy them more books and inculcate reading habits.

From childhood, I was always fascinated to read fiction and even today I anxiously wait to read a new book when it is launched.

I think reading is about escaping and being able to live in another world and almost everyone who reads wants to become an author – myself included – so that they can create their own worlds and adventures.

So what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest bookstore, buy books your children will love and make them read.

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