Voice of Oman: Felicity Glover on reckless driving during Ramadan

22 Jun 2017
POSTED BY Y Magazine

Is it just me or has there been an increase in frightening behaviour on our roads in Muscat since the start of Ramadan?

Of course, dangerous driving is something many of us experience pretty much on a daily basis here – but it appears to worsen during the Holy Month.

Driving to work on a recent weekday morning got me thinking about just how ignorant and selfish some drivers can be, when, in the space of five minutes or so, I had three near misses.

If it were not for my quick thinking and cautious driving, I’d hate to think what the outcome could have been. Would I have been involved in a life-changing situation because a driver couldn’t be bothered to give way to oncoming traffic? Or another motorist thought a stop sign didn’t apply to him because he was chatting away on his mobile phone and everybody else should give way to him?

Nobody is above the law and we have road rules for a reason: to ensure the safety of drivers and their families as they make their way about their business in Oman.

But what if you are involved in a tragic accident through no fault of your own? What if there were injuries or – worse – a fatality and somebody didn’t make it home to their loved ones because another person didn’t care enough about their fellow man to drive safely?

It’s about respect for Oman’s road rules and respect for the safety and well-being of others.

Driving recklessly shows enormous disrespect, not only during Ramadan, but also throughout the year.

As we approach the Eid Al Fitr holidays, I hope this time will bring joy and peace to everybody – as well to the motorists on our roads. 

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