Saudi Arabia foils terrorist attack

24 Jun 2017
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Security forces in Saudi Arabia on Friday foiled a terrorist attack near the Grand Mosque in Mecca as the Holy Month of Ramadan comes to a close, a spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior has confirmed.

According to a report carried by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the security forces cornered the would-be suicide bomber in a three-storey apartment building in the neighbourhood of Ajyad Al-Masafi, which is located in the perimeter of the central area of the Grand Mosque.

“When the security men began to surround him, he fired at them, which required a response to him in order to neutralise his danger,” the spokesman said.

“After refusing to respond to their calls to surrender himself, [he] continued to shoot heavily before exploding himself, resulting in his death, the collapse of the building that he was holed in and the wounding of six expatriates who were taken to hospital, in addition to the injury of five security personnel with minor injuries.”

The security spokesman added that the security operation resulted in the arrest of five people, including a woman, but investigations were ongoing, including verifications of the identity of the suicide bomber.


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