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22 Jun 2017
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Alvin Thomas gets a lesson in male skin care from a salon that aims to groom guys for their busy days ahead.

Face care is very important to a man’s character, or so I’ve been told.

And in recent years, the likes of Ronaldo and David Beckham have made it acceptable to do more than splash a bit of soap on.  A case of moisturiser maketh the man, perhaps?

So with a scruffy beard that had seen better days, I had to visit 1847, an exclusive grooming salon for men on a recent visit to Dubai, which plans to open a branch in Muscat later this year.

It is so exclusive you even have to push a (very ornate) button on the door to be welcomed inside.

Once in, a beauty expert from Syria looked me up and down a bit, and I sensed he was thinking I was clearly going to be a challenge.

However, he promptly suggested I opt for a Traditional Shave and a Detox Facial to completely “revitalise” my face. He even asked: “Do you not love your face?”

And that wrought my response: “What exactly can a man do to keep his face presentable?”

In a very systematic way, he gave me the lowdown:

  • Start with a shave

Shaving must be an essential component of your daily grooming routine. Firstly, it does the obvious by making you look clean, smart and confident. But it does more than just that: by shaving, you get rid of all unwanted dirt particles and the possibility of more accumulating on your face.

Think of it as a quick self-treatment and you will see yourself doing it daily. You start by moistening your face with a warm towel to open the pores and soften the hair follicles. After that, apply a pre-shave oil. This helps avoid any form of cuts and bruises while shaving, and also lets your facial hair cut evenly.

Make sure to shave in a single direction. Do not start shaving downwards and then proceed to move upwards. This will cause the hair to grow unevenly and in different directions over a period of time. This can also cause irritation to the face.

Following this, apply an after-shave balm to help neutralise the bacteria on your face. This also helps calm and revive the skin.

Tips: Make sure you sterilise your blade, brushes and towels before use again.

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  • Do a detox facial on a weekly basis

Most men think that they don’t need facials. Some see it as a waste of time and others think that it is reserved solely for women but that’s not true.

A detox facial is perfect for replenishing skin that is prone to spots.  It helps to improve the tone, clarity and overall complexion of your skin. If possible, head to a professional beauty salon. If you do, you should ask for a head, neck and shoulder deep cleanse. There are numerous products out there, from natural products made up of lemongrass to other cleansing agents.

Next, exfoliate with a vitamin facial buffer scrub. This allows your dead skin cells to be shed off your face, thus giving you a very fresh and rejuvenated skin tone.

Follow that with an anti-oxidant peel. This ensures the pores on your face are unblocked and open to allow for a deep extraction of dirt particles. This will help you replenish newer clearer and calmer skin.

If you still have time, try an eliminator mask. This is made specifically for removing blackheads and revitalising your face. But, avoid areas where you have facial hair as it can pull out thin strands of beard and eyebrows.

Finish up with an eye cream and moisturising lotion to refresh and balance your skin. Many people (both men and women) work late. This creates dark patches around the eyes. An eye cream is must if you have to balance your skin tone, and the moisturising lotion should hydrate your skin, keeping it fresh during the summer days. But do opt for the right kind of lotions as no two people have the same types of skin.

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