It’s about winning with purpose: Renna Mobile CEO Raed Haddadin

15 Jun 2017
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Nishad Padiyarath meets the head of Renna Mobile and discovers that communication is his passion.

Who would have thought even a year ago that Renna Mobile would become the number one Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in Oman?

From 40,000 customers in 2013 to 600,000 subscribers by the end of 2016, the number says it all, thanks to its charismatic chief executive Raed Haddadin.

“We do not have to win at the expense of others to be successful,” he says as we sit down for a chat.

“Winning alone is not enough. It’s about winning with purpose.”

“To reach that 600,000 mark was not easy. I would like to call it a journey. We faced hurdles but worked hard to reach that landmark figure.

“I would say it’s a continuous growth. I must credit my team for this success.”

Raed has been in Oman for the past four years and has been Renna’s pillar of strength.

At the root of his philosophy, and what drives him, is a recognition of the importance of reconnecting business to a sense of purpose beyond just making money and getting bigger.

“If you believe in something you must fight for that and have the courage to take the tougher decisions that come with it,” he says.

“Having a deeper purpose to what we do as people makes our lives more complete, which is a tremendous force and motivator.”

Renna’s growth has been impressive. The network was launched in May 2009, becoming one of the first mobile reseller companies in Oman and the region.

With the aim of becoming a cost-efficient mobile service provider in Oman, Renna Mobile provides budget-friendly prices and solid customer service.

“The majority of our customers are Asian expats, and it’s a simple theory that has made us successful. We started to speak their language and started catering to their needs,” he says.

The purpose of launching Renna Mobile was to appeal to every Omani and expatriate while keeping in mind their economic requirements.

The services and schemes are designed in such a way as to appeal to all sections of the society immediately.

“When we started, it was difficult for us to reach every part of Oman,” he says. “But today, Renna Mobile recharge cards and services are easily accessible by means of shopping kiosks and several other locations across Oman.

“We value our customers and we do surveys among them about their concerns and we address them quickly,” he says. “Brands with a purpose that are value-led over time are going to be, by definition, more successful.”

Raed points to the importance of preparing the groundwork before going public with any products his company intends to launch.

“In any company, you have to go back to what drives people. Making more money or being bigger means less and less.”

With the Oman Government planning to introduce a third mobile operator in the country, Raed said it would further improve the quality of services among other operators.

“The quality of services offered by these mobile operators are far better but having a third mobile operator will further strengthen the quality and maybe even out the prices,” he said.   

According to Raed, Renna Mobile still has a long way to go despite reaching the 600,000 subscriber mark.

“Frankly, we aimed at 300,000 customers in three years but we were stunned when we reached the 600,000 landmark figure. That’s when we realised that there is a huge potential in this great nation and we will continue to work together with our stakeholders to further improve our services so that we can make everyone happy.” he said.

Raed’s take on life and Renna is touching.

“What people want in life is to be recognised, to be part of, to grow and to have made a difference. That difference can come in many forms; by touching someone, by helping others, by creating something that was not there before. That’s what we are trying to do here at Renna Mobile.”   

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