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18 May 2017
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The temperature may rising but you can keep cool and be the centre of attention with these gadgets, says Alvin Thomas.


There’s nothing more annoying than driving somewhere and finding out that the cold soda you bought on your way from the convenience store has turned into a molten ball of lava (figuratively, obviously). Well, fret not, for the Cooluli Mini Fridge is here to save the day. The refrigerator plugs straight into your car’s 12V socket, and can carry six average-sized cans of soda. You can also power this using a standard USB hub. Yours for RO16.9 from amazon.com


This, folks, is a rechargeable fan but it’s no ordinary fan. This tiny-looking contraption – the Osunlin USB Mini Portable Misting Cooling Fan – can actually spray mist on to you to keep you cool. There’s a tiny reservoir where you can pour in cold water, and a 3,600mAh battery that should ensure more than six hours’ worth of run-time. The fan has multiple settings and should aid with the misting to keep you cool. Yours for only RO7.3 from amazon.com

Centre of Attraction

How awesome would it be if you could play your own tunes while taking a dip in the ocean? Well, with the New Bee waterproof Bluetooth speaker you can do just that. The speaker’s IP65-rated coating provides protection against water, rain and even dust. The device pairs with your phone through Bluetooth (4.0), stays connected over a range of 10 metres and also provides you with more than 10 hours of playback in one charge. Best of all, you can simply clip this on to your swimsuit while you’re swimming. Yours for RO6.4 from amazon.com

Editor’s Pick

Go anywhere

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting by the pool and catching up on some cool stuff on social media. Of course, to do that you would require a smartphone that is water-resistant; and that’s where the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes in handy. This new device can not only take the heat – unlike certain phones that abruptly shut down due to overheating – but also takes spills and splashes. If you dare, you can also take the S8 underwater and shoot 4K videos using the phone’s brilliant 12MP shooter. The phone also comes with 4gigs of RAM, a brisk octa-core processor, 64gigs of storage and is encrusted – quite literally – in a stunning 12cm- AMOLED display. Yours for RO300 from Lulu Electronics

Must-have PlayStation 4 games of 2017

Persona 5 

Japanese role-playing games (JPRG) aren’t for everyone. The storylines can be a bit corny and the gameplay a tad too comical, but not Persona 5. This has to be the best JPRG on Sony’s console… ever. The storyline is fairly relatable: you attend classes like a regular student, make friends and then proceed to infiltrate a series of sinister dungeons (Oh, wait! You don’t?). Playing as a young kid living in Tokyo, you somehow find yourself entangled in a cult group called “The Phantom Thieves”; a cult that you actually lead, by the way.

All jokes aside, however, developer Atlus’ latest iteration of the game will certainly have you hooked on your console for hours, if not days.

The visuals are stunning and the writers have incorporated a lot of wit into the story. Definitely one of the best games on PlayStation 4… so far.

Stardew Valley 

They started with a humble PC game but gamers quickly realised that Stardew Valley was so much more, and (after months of rallying), the developers have finally ported it to the PlayStation console.

Games don’t get any simpler than this: you’re the citizen of a town called… yup, you guessed it… Stardew Valley, and trying to start off a new life as a farmer.

Your goal is to make it big in life and keep your social persona up to mark. It all sounds like a recipe that should work but somehow it just does. I’ve heard cases of gamers spending up to 600 hours behind the gamepad: it really is that addictive. Get this for around RO6 from the PlayStation Store.

App of the week

Cool it

It’s a well-known fact that you can’t keep your phone cool when you’re out in the sun. But in case you didn’t know, the heating on your phone isn’t simply because of the summer heat but rather due to the numerous apps running on it. With Cooling Master-Phone Cooler, you can kill apps that are eating up your CPU and causing abnormal heating. The app is simple to use and will also give you tips on how to keep your phone clean from heavy software. Download for free from Google Play.

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