Voice of Oman: Aysha Farooq on the implications of Social Media

11 May 2017
POSTED BY Y Magazine

Aysha Farooq on the reality of social media and why it’s important to retain real friendships.

Scrolling down Instagram or Facebook we are continually flooded with the imageries of other people’s lives. One friend is eating tapas in Barcelona; the other is skydiving in Dubai while another just got engaged. People use social media to share the best and positive moments of their lives. They let others know that they are having fun, and highlight the highpoints of their lives.

In a golden age of social media, it is important to remember that what we see on our screens is only a designed fraction of the entire reality. People rarely post their daily struggles online. Their confusions and everyday battles are handled off-screen. Their lives seem easy or perfect from the outside. This could pressure us to make our lives seem easier too. It could sometimes make us feel like we are not living the best life that we should be. We suffer from the fear-of-missing-out syndrome. “Is everyone’s life more enriching than mine?”, we may ask at the end of the day.

We have an inside view of our lives, including all the worries and difficult times but we have an outside view of others’ lives: a perfectly edited piece of the whole picture.

It would help our case greatly if we could put down the phone and grab a coffee with a friend instead of scrolling through their profile. Sitting on a sofa together and engaging in conversations we could both share a more wholesome and true dialogue about both the wonders and the sorrows of life.

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