Tips to keep your hair healthy

25 May 2017
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Sunshine and hot weather mean summer is here so get your sunglasses and hats out but don’t neglect your hair! Celebrity hairstylist Asgar Saboo offers some handy advice, right here.

How to control hair fall

Hair loss is caused by lack of protein. This summer, stay hydrated – eight glasses of water a day will keep your hair hydrated inside and out. Ensure you eat seasonal summer fruit and vegetables. Also, regularly massaging your scalp in a circular motion will help stimulate blood flow.

Who doesn’t love natural hair? This summer, avoid heated tools and trim your tresses every six to eight weeks to prevent split ends.

How to keep hair off your face

HALO! No, not the Beyoncé song! The Braid. This hairstyle is neat, tidy and trendy and just what you need for the summer. Here’s how to get it:

1. Create a side parting and pull a section of hair to one side. It should be thick enough to separate into three strands.

2. Start plaiting this in section, alternating each side strand over the middle one. Remember to keep the strands pulled as this will result in a stronger braid and it won’t fall out. You can loosen it if you want a more relaxed look.

3. Continue the braid along the hairline towards your ear, pulling in more of your hair with each side strand as you go. Present all the hair along your hairline into the bottom of the braid and all the hair from the parting at the top. This may look difficult but just be patient!

4. Plait your main braid right to the bottom and secure this snag-free band. Repeat this on the other side of the head until you have two braided pig tails!

5. To create a “full-circle” effect at the back of your head, take the right braid across to the left and put this in place. Repeat this on the other side. Use plenty of Kirby grips to secure the style and set this with your favourite hairspray. That’s it! You have your own Halo!!

Summer Frizz

The deadly frizz is the most common problem in summer. Don’t worry! I have the solution for this. In extreme variations, the weather strips off the outermost layer of our hair, which makes it brittle, rough and prone.

Fear not! Your Anti-Frizz leave-in cream is here. After blow-drying, and once your hair is completely dry, massage the anti-frizz cream in your hair. Avoid using any heating tools after this.

To go for a more natural solution to this problem, try applying a mixture of almond oil and egg. Wait for 40 minutes and rinse. Do this once a week. Almond oil acts as a natural hair emollient and conditioner while the egg repairs damage in the hair shaft with its high protein content.

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