Taste Test: Arabian Grill House

25 May 2017
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Impromptu eatery visits are a must for foodie Allen Thomas, who likes to keep things interesting. He and his brother Alvin check out one that’s perfect for a quick bite.

It’s funny how plans that are usually made on the spur of the moment are the ones cherished the longest. Something of that ilk happened to me the other day. 

Sunday is the day that I meet my religious obligations. Once they are duly met, I catch up with my brother, Alvin, and we visit a restaurant, and like to pick one we haven’t been to before.

This week was different, though. I had left for Al Khuwair to get some paper and stopped by a Subway. Why? Insatiable thirst and the need to fill a gap, and they had an offer on unlimited drinks. And who would pass that up?

I refuelled but still had room for more, so agreed to join my brother for dinner at Oman Avenues Mall.

This time, we opted for the Arabian Grill House. At first glance, this eatery offers a dining area with a clear view of the kitchen. On this occasion, it wasn’t that busy, and my brother and I were the only diners apart from a couple of others.

On entering, we were warmly welcomed by our server who briefed us on the specials. The menu didn’t seem anything to write home about, though. The good news was that I in the mood for steak and what was on offer were steaks, shawarmas and grills.

To kick off, we ordered a blue curacao lemonade and mango passion for drinks alongside a plate of hummus. Something that caught our eye on the menu was the cheese sambosa. Our server explained that it tasted like samosa, filled with feta cheese. Since it seemed light, we went
for it. 

As my brother and I chatted about his recent press trip to Dubai, the hummus arrived. My brother is something of a hummus aficionado, and his taste buds can detect sour hummus at 10 paces. Fortunately, it came with a good consistency and a light texture, and was served with Arabic bread, or khubz. We had hoped the bread would be made fresh in the restaurant itself. They used packaged bread which was heated and served.

By then we chatted with our server who happened to be from our hometown. A jolly man, he was quite excited about his forthcoming wedding.  As we chatted, our entrée arrived but it didn’t resemble the image on the menu. It was a lot smaller, and skimped a bit on the portion sizes.

We dived in while my brother waited for his watermelon juice. Visually, the platter didn’t meet expectations. It came along with beef sheek kebabs, chicken sheek and chicken tikka. The main was served with specially made sauce and garlic paste along with fries on the side and khubz. It was clear the fries were frozen. The kebabs also seemed very dry while the beef sheek was packed with flavours, although it lacked consistency and also appeared to be on the dry side.

My brother opined the sheek might not have been hydrated. The chicken seekh, on the other hand, was rather good if not unlike any other you would find in a run-of-the-mill restaurant. As for the tikka, the chicken was a bomb of flavours but the meat was dry, hard and too chewy (not sure why or how).

After a fair main, we moved onto dessert and ordered the classic cheesecake, which was lush and easily my favourite course, even with the superfluous strawberry syrup.

But all in all, it was a fair dining experience and a nice place to grab a quick bite. The chef might want to liven up the grill a bit, though.   

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Arabian Grill House Info Box

  • Second Floor, Oman Avenues Mall, Baushar
  • Opening hours: 12pm-11.30pm
  • Dinner for two: RO22.05


  • 8/10 Service
  • 5/10 Food
  • 6/10 Ambience

Great ambience and service but the quality of the food was a little disappointing.

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