Oman fuel prices at an all-time high

04 May 2017
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Motorists in Oman will be paying more to fill their fuel tanks, with the latest figures released by the Ministry of Oil and Gas showing a substantial increase in the price of high-grade M95 petrol and diesel.

According to the figures, the price of a litre of diesel will stand at 204 baisas, which is 4 baisas more than last month, while the price of high-grade petrol, also known as Super, has been set at 199 baisas, which is an increase of 7 baisas from last month.

Despite the hike in prices, M91 petrol, also known as Regular, will only rise to its original value of 186 baisas per litre, the price that was agreed upon by the Shura Council in February this year.

However, the recent jump in prices has left many confused, citing worries that the cap on M91 fuel has been lifted by the Ministry.

But Salim Al Aufi, the Undersecretary at the Ministry of Oil and Gas, was quoted by the Times of Oman, as saying: “First, it was not a freeze but ‘capping’ at the February monthly price for M91 only.

“The February pump price for M91 was 186 baisas per litre.

“Second, the decision to cap the price of M91 to the February level was taken by the Cabinet, not the Ministry of Oil and Gas.

“The pricing committee [of the Ministry) honoured this decision and for March, fixed M91 to 185 baisas per litre.” This month’s petrol-price hike has divided the opinions of many motorists.

One taxi driver, who is based in Muscat, said: “How can we afford to feed ourselves when all
we can pay with our daily earnings is pay for

“The Government must bring the rates back down,” he added, saying that he pays an excess
of RO1.5 to top-up his minivan with M95 fuel.

But another Omani motorist believed that the hike in prices was actually good for the country.

“I sincerely believe that the increase of fuel prices is 100 per cent justifiable and necessary,”
he said.

“This will help urge people to stop using their cars and avail the services of the new Mwasalat buses.”

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