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Inventive Iftar

It’s time to start thinking about Iftar and what to serve during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Many families in Oman have their favourite Iftar recipes, and many of these have been handed down over the generations. But with Oman’s multicultural melting pot of flavours and influences, there are recipes from near and far that feature on our Iftar tables, such as India, the Middle East and Asia.

Our Iftar recipe idea today is samak eish, a delicious dish that features one of our most popular fish: hammour. Coupled with green chilli peppers, coriander, cardamom and tomatoes, it’s a delightfully light meal that infuses Indian and Middle Eastern flavours.

Samak means fish in Arabic, and this recipe is perfect to add to a healthy Iftar meal plan.

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Samak Eish