Emily Shotter on bringing home a new cat

25 May 2017
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Bringing a new cat or kitten home can seem daunting but there are a few simple tips that will see your new furry family member settle in quickly.

When your new cat arrives, put them in a separate room for a day or two to let them get comfortable with their new surroundings. Keep litter away from food and keep water away from both as cats don’t like their water to be right next to their food bowls.

After a day or two, let them slowly and quietly explore the rest of the house. Keep the litter tray and food in the same place to begin with so they have a safe place to retreat to if they feel uncomfortable. In time, you can move both but do so slowly so the cat is not lost finding their tray or supplies. You’ll be amazed how quickly they learn, explore and become part of your family.

If your cat is blind or has other special needs, you’ll need to slow down this process and gradually move the litter box and food/water. A blind cat will learn new things quickly but for their basics, they will like familiarity, so edge the litter box a few feet each day, until it is where you want it.

The other golden rule with blind cats is to keep furniture and other things in the same place. They “map” their surroundings so it is important not to move that sofa or leave things lying around for them to trip over or run into.

Use noise to help them along. Tapping on items or the ground can help them localise and, of course, lots of toys with bells or that make a noise will keep them happy and entertained.

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