Alvin Thomas commends the efforts of the ROP

04 May 2017
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Alvin Thomas has his faith in human nature restored, thanks to the ROP.

It’s another 9pm on Tuesday and we have just put our latest edition of the magazine to bed. The week has been quite hectic, and all I’m looking forward to is a calming drive home in my car.

And so humming the tune to one of The Weeknd’s new songs, I approach my car. What lies in front of my eyes, however, leaves me in dismay: my parked car has just been badly damaged in a hit-and-run.

How do you respond to situations like this? Well, initially I want to scream out loud to let go of the frustration.

That anger then slowly boils down to a stream of sorrow, and finally the will to take control.

The hooligan has taken out my alloys, fender and my steering rack and suspension.

Without delay, I call the Royal Oman Police (ROP) – who are on the scene within minutes.  By now, an onlooker also offers me part of the miscreant’s registration number, which he clocked as the culprit drove off.

The officers take me to the police station to get more details.  So, armed with a partial plate (and sinking hopes), I accompany them.

At the station, however, things are a bit different. I meet a team of young, amenable officers.

And one does a complete visual check of my car. He then proceeds to console me, and assures me that he will catch the culprit, which is pretty impressive considering this officer has just finished his day’s shift.

His confidence and sympathy raises my hopes. And you know what? Three hours later, we have the details of the person who rammed my car.

The perseverance of the ROP not only helped me to catch the scoundrel but restored my confidence in my fellow men. A day filled with mixed emotions, indeed. Thanks, ROP!

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