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27 Apr 2017
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Look good and feel great with a few devices to give your life a much-needed boost, says Alvin Thomas.

Size Zero

Let’s face it: there are thousands of options for you to choose from when you’re shopping for a tablet. However, if you’re looking for the most stylish and functional, you should consider the Apple iPad Mini 4. At 6.1mm and 0.29kgs the device is seriously thin and ridiculously light, and despite that it still packs a 20cm Retina display and a robust A8 chipset. The latter means you will be able to play all your favourite games, watch and edit HD videos and even multi-task. Apart from that, there’s also 128gigs of storage and an 8MP shooter out of the box. Get this for RO155 from all leading electronic outlets.

Travel Partner

If you’re a woman who likes to travel frequently, you might want to consider the Raden A22 Carry travel bag. Setting aside the rather uninspiring name, you’re actually left with a very handy product: firstly, the travel bag is made up of high strength Makrolon® polycarbonates that will make sure your bag survives even the most careless baggage handlers. Moreover, it also comes with proximity sensors for tracking, a weighing scale and also a 7,800mAh battery for your charging needs, which should make your life easier on the go. All of this is yours for a RO115 from raden.com.

Glam Up

When it comes to designing beautiful accessories that even Jinx (from the James Bond flick Die Another Day) would proudly don, there’s only one name in the business that cuts the mustard: Kate Spade. That said, the Scallop Trim Tracker may not be the most sophisticated gadget out there today but it still comes with a built-in GPS and an activity tracker that can track your steps, sleep and water intake. If that isn’t enough, the jewel-gadget can also control your phone to take selfies, play music and alert you with notifications. Yours for RO50 from katespade.com.

Editor’s Pick

Prime Contender

Headphones are considered more than just instruments of musical reproduction, today: we have come to a point where they are more style statements than anything else (think Beats). But if you are looking to get the best of both worlds, you should consider the Pryma headphones. Wrapped in Italian-crafted leather and cast in an aluminium, copper, and a stainless steel chassis, you will surely stand out. You can even have them in the colours of your choice, perhaps to match them with your smartphone. All the internals are put together by Sonus Faber, so you will have phenomenal acoustics to complement those looks. Yours for RO192 from pryma.com.

App of the Week

Personal Trainer

Not everyone gets to hit the gym every day. Sometimes, you just have to wing it at home (literally!). And that’s where the Nike+ Training Club app comes into play. As its name suggests, the app helps you take control of your workout sessions with the help of some big names in the business, like Serena Williams and Skylar Diggins, among many others. The app also helps you design personal workout sessions and meal plans to aid your cause. Yours for free from Google Play and iTunes.

Game Review: Minecraft

Minecraft is the best game I have ever played, period. Released back in 2011, no other game has invoked this amount of creativity in me, and I’m sure the many millions who have adopted this game will say the same.

In essence, Minecraft is a multi-platform sandbox adventure game, which allows users to roam around the designed world with minimal limitations – and to their will. The virtual world also allows users to explore this universe without any limitations but theoretically, there is an end in sight. The graphics aren’t 21st century but then again, the developers have cashed in on simplicity over extravagance.

The motto of the game is to survive and explore. You can use the building blocks to customise nearly anything you can imagine. I have seen players create some amazing castles, forts, and in one case, the Statue of Liberty. But, as with any game, there is a steep learning curve to scale.

You have to start by collecting blocks of wood and then crafting them into wooden planks (this is an automatic process). As you proceed onto the game, you will have to start crafting tools such as pickaxes and wooden swords, etc. Once accomplished, you can slowly start to procure more complex items such as stones, coal and even iron. Everything you do has a consequence: for instance, you need coal to set a fire. Fire is necessary to explore a cave, which will then be your source for the iron ore.

There are plenty of online forums, which will help you progress throughout and although Minecraft is a standalone game, its popularity has led to a variety of licensed (and unlicensed) products, downloadable content, and more.

The game also offers you online (Survival) and offline (Creative) modes. The former is fun, as you can explore and snoop on what other players are up to. However, if you’re not into being attacked (or snooped on), you’re better to adopt “Creative Mode”. You’re invincible in this mode but you’ll find that there’s no one to share your achievement with. So, my suggestion would be to head to “Survival Mode”. After all, that’s what this game is about: surviving all the elements it throws at you. Just like real life, one might say.

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