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13 Apr 2017
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Felicity Glover on the health dangers of soft drinks.

had an interesting WhatsApp conversation with a doctor recently, who had sent me a short video of the top nine things that you can do with Coca-Cola.

From removing chewing gum from fabric to using it as silver polish for jewellery, cleaning kitchen surfaces, and even cleaning the toilet; there is a variety of jobs for which the high-sugar drink can be deployed to help us out in the home.

The only problem? The video didn’t actually say anything about drinking Coca-Cola, which tells me that my instinct has always been right: never drink anything that can clean a toilet.

According to Coca-Cola, there are 39 grams of sugar in a 330ml can of coke – that’s equivalent to 7.8 teaspoons. I don’t know about you but could you drink a cup of tea or coffee with that much sugar? I know I couldn’t.

And then there are the long-term health concerns of drinking this stuff. Studies have found that drinking high-sugar soft drinks can cause heart disease, kidney disease, obesity, diabetes, teeth and bone damage; to name but a few.

I swore off soft drinks when I was a teenager and have also managed to raise my daughter without her ever tasting Coca-Cola or Pepsi – a major feat in this world of teen peer pressure!

But here’s what I don’t understand – like alcohol and cigarettes, soft drinks are also highly addictive and dangerous to our health.

So why, then, are governments not plastering cans with health warnings (such as are put on packets of cigarettes) and slapping high taxes on them?   

Not only would such a move help deter people from drinking soft drinks but it would also help to raise revenue and reduce the cost of public healthcare.  For me, it’s a no-brainer. After all, our health is vital to our happiness and well-being. And to achieve that, I’m happy with water.

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