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27 Apr 2017
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Our lids, lashes and brows are under attack in summer so make sure you’re up for the fight, says Christine Karan

It’s that time of year again when sun-parched skin can render our complexions as dry as the desert, and our eyes need more protection than a pair of Prada sunglasses.

In this weather, caring for your face beyond your usual routine is even more of a challenge, especially when trying to organise family days out, outdoor activities or even simply hitting the swimming pool.

And your eyecare regime needs to be up to the job.

When eyeing up today’s ocular product ranges, it’s essential you pick those that are durable and versatile.

Do they provide that flawless look all day long? Are they waterproof? Will they counteract perspiration?

With the recent trend of sporting thick eyebrows and long lashes for that signature “Arabian” look, we need products to provide benefits that won’t fade away after a few minutes in the water.

The good news is that many brand manufacturers know this and are introducing products to meet all our needs in the scorching summer.

Let’s start with eyebrows, which define the entire face. NARS Oural Brow Gel is the latest addition to the NARS range that will perfectly groom and keep your eyebrows’ arch in place, giving them a volume and intensity that will last all day long.

If you prefer keeping things tidy, and keeping your tools together, then Chelsea Boutique offers its Semi Permanent Premium Eyebrow kit.

With a “long-lasting” formula in its eyebrow powder, the stencils will level up your eyebrow game, even in water. Contour and highlight your eyes and brow bones with a single pencil to achieve an enviable look all day long.

Going for a swim and yet want to have your smoky eyes smudge-free? The Makeup Forever Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eye shadow is your best friend. Create perfect eyes and forget about them as you splash around. We are sure your eye makeup won’t smudge.

Fake lashes or falsies were once used only for parties or occasions. But now, they have become the norm. With a wide variety available; from light, long lashes to thick and intense options, and some even peppered with stones, you can now upgrade your lash game. Again, Chelsea Boutique is the place to go. Made with mink, these soft multi-layered lashes will give a “pop” to your eyes but ensure they retain their natural vitality. More importantly, these are water-resistant and will stay on all day. You can also spruce them up with a final touch by applying Chelsea Boutique’s 3D Lift & Volume Mascara, which will neither smear nor flake.

So don’t worry about the summer, ladies, and don’t hide behind those large shades. Show off your makeup artistry, go out in the sun and have fun.

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