New cameras to deter speedsters

13 Apr 2017
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Speedsters, it is time to clean up your act. If you drive recklessly on the roads and exceed the speed limit, then abruptly slow down to avoid getting caught by traffic cameras, then you should know that the Royal Oman Police (ROP) has launched other forms of deterrents designed to catch you in the act.

“Speed cameras on poles are not the only way we catch speeders,” a senior ROP official was quoted as saying by the local media.

The official declined to specify the latest tools being used by traffic officers but said: “There’s a simple solution –don’t speed.”

We contacted a source who works in tandem with the ROP in setting up cameras across the country. He said: “The ROP is now setting up mobile cameras everywhere. I cannot reveal the number of cameras, but I can tell you that it is enough to cover a huge part of the capital.

“These cameras will be set in discreet locations [between trees, grass and even behind concrete barriers], so that the drivers cannot slow down to avoid them. There will always be an official present at the site to ensure that these cameras are not tampered with or vandalised.

“Average speed cameras [point-to-point cameras] are also set in many locations. It is still in the test phase, but I can tell you that they will cover the whole of Oman soon. In such a scenario, this constant speeding up and slowing down game will not work,” he told Y.

The fine for speeding in Oman is set at RO10, and the fine is increased depending on the speed at which the motorist was driving at the time of registering the offence.

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