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Beat the Heat

As temperatures climb, making a slight change to your diet can help you maintain energy on hot days without feeling the need to overeat.

Vegan and vegetarian diets are becoming a popular trend but many people are also opting to be semi-vegetarians, which is also known as the flexitarian diet. A flexitarian diet means you don’t have to eliminate meat but can still reap the health benefits associated with plant-based diets.

Plant-based proteins like beans, peas, nuts, seeds, soy and lentils are chock-full of nutritional benefits from disease-fighting phytonutrients to cholesterol-lowering fibre. They’re also an excellent way to add low-sodium and low-cholesterol protein to your diet that can leave you feeling satisfied but not stuffed.

Light finger foods and dips are ideal summer snacks. Hummus, made from chickpeas and tahini (ground sesame seeds) makes for a quick and easy treat by itself or when paired with health-conscious options like air-popped chips, wholegrain crackers or veggie sticks. You can also create simple summer snacks using hummus as an ingredient.

These vegan Cucumber Cups are the perfect refreshing pick-me-up on a hot afternoon, and they’re stylish enough to serve to guests at a cookout. For a cool and creamy summer appetiser, try these vegetarian Southwestern Snack Bites made with hummus, guacamole and Greek yoghurt.

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Southwestern Hummus Bites

Yield: 30 pieces



Cucumber Cups

Makes: 16 portions