Voice of Oman – Sayyida Mayya al Said

30 Mar 2017
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Sayyida Mayya al Said on the pressure of perfectionism and why we should stop.

I would really like for us to stop putting ourselves under so much pressure. The pressure of perfection! As a parent, my daughter is a little perfectionist; everything she does has to be perfect and that is definitely a trait she inherited from me, but boy do we suffer because of it!

If we have a look at the definition of a perfectionist, it is “a person who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection”. That sums us up perfectly. At one point, I used to be proud of this trait, but as the years have passed by, I have come to realise how much I have suffered because it.

The thing with perfectionism is that it has a cousin called fear of failure. Fear of failure is really not that bad, but if you give it enough power it can ruin your life. Failing or making mistakes is something that we will all experience at some point in our lives. It may be a test, a relationship, however big or small the failure is, it is not the end of your life.

We tend to give it too much attention that we are afraid of trying, dare I say living?! A wise soul once said, “failure is the best teacher” because only when we fail do we know what we did wrong and we simply have to try it again differently until we succeed.

A final reminder, your mistakes, your failures, do not define who you are or determine your future. They only prove that you are a fighter. So as Dory the fish would say in Finding Nemo: “Just keep swimming.

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