The Voice of Oman: Karima Farid

09 Mar 2017
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Karima Farid on the importance of reading and literacy for children.

was five years old and my little sister was three. The minute she fell asleep, I would switch on my dad’s flashlight that I hid under the bed and start reading away. I made a tent under my blanket and it went on for days. One day Dad walked in on me and I remember getting scared but he actually got me a reading lamp… how beautiful was that?

I later knew that they found me with my books every morning. I’ve always loved reading and I enjoy reading to my kids. Even before I had my own, I read to other kids.

Yes, it’s so easy to switch on the TV and park your kids right in front of it, and I know it might be harder to read instead, but reading together creates a special bond.

My daughter, Mimi, and I read together or she reads with her dad, but now a new trend has started: we tell each other bedtime stories. Well, she tells them mostly. It’s amazing how her imagination flows.

“Adam” is always the main character of her stories. Also, both “Hamza” and “Hadeel” appear from time to time.

If you’re starting to read to your kid, let them pick the book and read it to them with every single voice that you can create. You will be amazed at the results!

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