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Scrub Up Well

Look no further than your kitchen for some natural facial scrubs to get your skin glowing, writes Christine Karan.

The beauty market is vast and you really are spoiled for choice for your beauty needs. Take facial scrubs as an example: there are countless brands out there claiming to give you the perfect, clear, “HD” skin. Many also claim the use of “natural” and “organic” ingredients in their products. However, whether they really use natural and organic ingredients is debatable. 

What if we told you the ingredients to get your skin glowing are resting in your… kitchen? Yes, you heard that right. Simple items such as brown sugar, egg whites and honey make the best face scrubs that will leave your skin plumper, fresher and younger. And these items will cost you much less than lavishly packaged products.

Here are some beauty recipes that you can just whip up within minutes.

The two-ingredient face scrub

Probably the simplest and easiest scrub you could make. This super, easy, all-natural face scrub requires:

2 tbsp brown sugar

1 tbsp coconut oil

Mix them up together and apply on your face and neck. Massage them gently for a minute and wash with warm water. Tell us how brightly your face glowed! Did you know you could also store this mixture for up to three months in a clean and dry place? 

The chocolate scrub

For those who think chocolates are only meant to be eaten, this recipe will surprise you. All you need is:

1/4 tsp teaspoon brown sugar

1/8 cup olive oil

1 tbsp cocoa powder

1/8 tsp vanilla extract

Mix these ingredients into a smooth mixture and apply generously. Massage the mixture into your skin and let it rest for about ten minutes. Let the chocolate magic work. We know it will be hard to resist licking a little! Wash it off with warm water. Say hello to clear skin!

The strawberry scrub

Made with several succulent strawberries and a few teaspoonfuls of salt, this scrub gives the skin some much-needed exfoliation to revitalise and stay bright and healthy the whole day. All you need are:

5 strawberries

1/2 tsp juice of a lime

1 tsp almond oil

4 tbsp salt

Bring out your blender and break up the berries (but don’t make them too smooth). Then gently add the lime juice and almond oil. Finally, add the salt and mix well.

Apply this mixture and rub it into your skin. Leave it on your skin for a few minutes or until the mixture becomes dry. Then slowly wash it off with warm water. This will keep your face bright and fresh throughout the day. You can also store and use the leftovers in a clean and dry place for up to 10 days.

So there you have it. With just a few ingredients from your kitchen shelves, you have some secret recipes that are very natural and will keep your skin young, smooth and healthy!