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09 Mar 2017
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Alvin Thomas tries out some of the latest wearable gadgets that you can don along with your favourite top.

Halo Effect

Headphones may not be illuminated circular discs that hover over your head (i.e. halos) but a set of these is very nearly the closest you can get to having some in today’s day and age. Of course, headphones serve one and only one purpose: to play music. However, the boffins at Halo have broken the norm to bring to the masses the Halo Sport. The device, which is essentially a headphone, is the first wearable neurostimulation device that’s specifically designed to help athletes hone their skills and improve their performance. How does it do that? The device makes use of Neuropriming technology, which activates the motor cortex and puts the brain into a state of hyper-learning. We’re assuming that you could also use the device for other activities (reading, dancing, etc).Yours for a hefty RO214 from

Training Partner

Thinking of hitting the gym without a trainer? Fret not! The Fitbit Charge 2 will help you keep track of your exercising routines and provide you with ample information without breaking the bank. The watch – now in its second generation – sports a display that is four times larger than its predecessor, and also has multiple sport modes, allowing you to track up to 19 different activities (running, biking, tennis, weightlifting, etc). The watch also automatically recognises that you are exercising and begins tracking your moves. Available at, for RO58.

Gear Up

When Samsung introduced its Gear VR, everybody thought that it was too bulky, heavy and, overall, a difficult gadget to use. However, for some reason, it still happens to be one of the best virtual reality headsets available today, and second only to Google’s Daydream (which isn’t available across Oman yet). The device also provides the user with easy controls, excellent field-of-view, and an immersive user experience. The device also comes with its own touchpad and home and back keys for controlling your device. It is compatible with devices higher than the Samsung Galaxy S5. Yours for RO38 from EMax.

Editor’s Pick

Apple Watch

Remember the time when only superheroes (Batman, Iron Man, etc) and government spies (James Bond and Agent 47) had fancy watches with touchscreens on their wrists? Well, the 21st century has spawned a lot of good tech toys, and smartwatches have to be one of the best – and more recent – advances in wearable technology. And when you talk of the best, there’s none above the Apple Watch. Now in its second generation, the watch is the most advanced in its class, with a dual-core processor, a brighter OLED Retina display and even Sapphire crystal glass. The watch is also water-resistant up to 50 metres and has a built-in GPS in case you get lost. Get yours from any electronic store in Oman, from RO143 onwards.

App of the Week

Keep Up

Are you finding it hard to keep your schedules or meet deadlines? If so, you need to download Google Keep. The app gives you the option to note down all of your important notes using your smartphone, before making it accessible on your Android Wear-ready smartwatch. Simplicity is the app’s strongest point, and it is incredibly stable and reliable when it comes to keeping schedules. Download for free from Google Play.

Game Review: Robo Recall

Robo Recall Info Box

  • Developer: Epic Games
  • Platform: Oculus Rift
  • Genre: Action
  • Rating: Pending

Have you ever fantasised about running around as Robocop or the Terminator and taking on dangerous tactical missions (however diabolical they may seem)? If you said yes, then you’re almost certainly going to be hooked on Robo Recall. Yes, it’s a game, and yes, you are a part-human, part-android looking to conquer enemies.

What makes this game all the more special, however, is the fact that it’s not just controllers and buttons but also movement and action. Folks, what you’re looking at here is possibly the best virtual reality game ever made.

It’s certainly one of the most polished VR games out there, and despite the gameplay being action-centric, you still get an incredibly detailed world, with stunning surroundings. Of course, you are likely to be destroying everything anyway but the realism just makes it all more fun.

The game, which will require you to have an Oculus Rift VR and an expensive gaming system, is still only in its initial days so the content is quite scarce. But much of the story revolves around you taking on robots that are trying to invade your city. True, it’s a tad clichéd but somehow it manages to feel fresh and, dare I say, original?

A part of that could be because I felt the gameplay to be quite natural, unlike in many other titles. You can also roam around freely in search of opponents or just walk around if you fancy a stroll.

The storyline also incorporates tongue-in-cheek humour so you’ll find yourself chuckling quite a bit. In all, Robo Recall is an excellent game – which looks like being the best VR-rady game ever – although it still is meant for purists who can afford an extravagant gaming rig.

Oh, and if you are prone to motion-sickness like me, stay away from the controller and the headset. Don’t even think of trying it on.

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