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09 Feb 2017
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Felicity Glover on keeping it real during the recent ‘cold snap’ in Oman.

Like many people, it’s safe to say that I’m a follower of the weather, particularly when it comes to extreme heat and cold. Of course, summer in Oman reaches very high temperatures and for the first time last year, I witnessed my car’s temperature gauge rise to 50 degrees Celsius while I was stuck in gridlocked traffic on Sultan Qaboos Highway.

Being a “momentous” moment in my life, I took a photo (when the car was stationary!) and posted it on my Facebook page.

On the flipside, I’ve lived in Scandinavia, where the temperature during winter is at the extreme end of the scale – often below zero, with snow, wind, rain and fog thrown in for good measure. I still have vivid memories of being constantly cold – even in the summer.

And it’s these memories that came flooding back last weekend, when Oman experienced what you’d call a bit of a “cold snap”, with the temperature dropping to 10 degrees Celsius during the night.

While the cold snap is news in Oman and around the GCC region, I have to say that it barely raised an eyebrow among my social media friends, many of whom are living in Europe and experiencing freezing conditions.

A quick check of my weather app confirms this. Kiruna, in the north of Sweden, is expecting a high of -15 degrees Celsius today (Thursday), while it will be slightly warmer in St Petersburg, Russia, at -7.

And that’s when I got my reality check – I’d rather be in sunny, “cool” Muscat right now than in freezing Europe.

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