Strict fines for stopping at no-parking zones

16 Feb 2017
POSTED BY Y Magazine

Motorists who break the law by stopping their cars in no-parking zones will now face strict fines from Royal Oman Police (ROP), with officers carrying out random spot-checks across various locations in an effort to catch offenders and reduce congestion.

The ROP has also warned drivers to avoid parking on yellow-striped lines or near chevron signs, failing which a fine ranging from RO35 to RO50 will be levied on the offender. 

Previously, the ROP noted that many drivers thought that they weren’t in the wrong for using these zones for waiting and other purposes. In some cases, the cars were parked in no-parking zones in front of small grocery stores or restaurants.

“Stopping by the yellow striped lined areas even for a short period and drivers remaining seated inside is against the law, and will be fined,” an ROP official was quoted as telling the Oman Observer.

“In such cases, the person driving the vehicle should find a parking place close by,” he added.

Of late, many motorists have also been fined for parking their vehicles on yellow checkered lines.

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