Shura Council calls for fuel price cap

09 Feb 2017
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

As fuel prices continue to rise in the Sultanate, the Majlis Al Shura has urged the Government to cap fuel prices and introduce a fixed rate for petroleum products instead of adopting a monthly price changes.

The price of diesel rose to a record 205 baisas on February 1 – a record high in Oman. Meanwhile, the price of M95 and M91 also shot up to 196 baisas and 186 baisas respectively.

At a meeting on February 1, the Shura Council’s committee for addressing implications of the economic crisis and its effects on Omani society urged the Government to bear the difference in prices of petroleum products.

Mohammad al Ghasani, vice-chairman of the Shura Council, was quoted by UAE-based newspaper Gulf News as saying that it was “important to have a fuel price ceiling”.

“It is very important to make sure that people in low-income groups do not get affected with the hike in fuel prices, and there should be a mechanism to help those people,” he said.

Recently, various trade unionists and economists have also requested the Government to put forward a fuel stamp system, which would help people struggling to cope with the monthly price fluctuations.

In an interview with local media, Mohammed al Farji, a trade unionist with the General Federation of Trade Unions in Oman, said: “We are getting complaints from workers in all sectors that the fuel price hike is affecting their lives.”

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