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16 Feb 2017
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Control your home from your phone or let words speak louder than actions. Alvin Thomas reports.

Google Home

Home is where the heart is. And in a few years’ time, Google will pretty much be the heart of your home. And what you’re looking at here is essentially the company’s first steps into making an entry into your homes – and yes, you heard that right! Google’s new Home may seem just like a speaker but underneath its slick frame lies a voice-activated speaker that not only helps you conduct tasks such as playing music, carrying out complex web searches and making small talk, but – if enabled – also operate various functions in your house using only your voice. This is the future of interactive homes, and be the first to get it. Buy yours from store.google.com for a mere RO50.

Be the Pro

The PlayStation Pro has been selling like hot cakes since its release late last year, and why wouldn’t it? Inside the familiar-looking shell lies an octa-core AMD Jaguar CPU, which has been overclocked to 2.1Ghz and a GPU that can run at 4.2 teraflops, which is twice as fast as its predecessor. The results, however, speak for themselves:  the PS4 Pro can take on ultra-high definition gaming to a whole new and immersive level. Couple that with the new PS4 Virtual Reality headset and you will not be leaving your home anytime soon. Yours for RO160 from Geekay Games.

Life’s Great

There’s only so much we can put into words when it comes to reviewing a product; and the LG C6 Curved OLED 4K HDR Smart TV is the perfect testament to that. It really has to be seen to be believed. The television has been crafted to reproduce a pitch-perfect black range for infinite viewing contrast, allowing viewers to experience videos like nothing else on the market. The C6 also supports HDR plus Dolby Vision technology and sports nearly 8.3 million pixels across its 140cm or 165cm screen for a near-cinematic viewing experience. Yours for RO1155 from all leading electronic stores.

Editor’s Pick

Control Everything

Hurrah! Logitech has (finally!) answered the prayers of millions of people all over the world who are tired of having multiple remote controls to control their devices. The Harmony Elite, as it is called, is arguably the best universal remote you can currently purchase – and it also comes with its very own touchscreen! The device can control everything from your televisions to gaming consoles, streaming devices, sound systems and anything that can send and receive information. It also has built-in Wi-Fi should you require it. Buy yours from amazon.com for RO114.

App of the Week

Maximum Savings


If you’ve lived in Oman long enough, you would know that internet access is quite a pricy affair. However, you can now cut back on your internet spending by a long margin by opting for Opera Max over your stock smartphone browser. It effectively crunches down the size of images and videos, thus reducing load times as well as keeping a tab on the date use. Opera claims that its app can save you three times the data you would normally use every month. Download for free from Google Play and iTunes.

Game Review: Hitman

Hitman Info Box

Developer: IO Interactive

Director: Christian Elverdam

Genre: Stealth, Action

Rating: 18+ (Blood, Strong Language)

If Agent 007 is the slick, stealthy and crafty instrument of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) then Agent 47 has to be his alternative manifestation with a darker, colder and psychotic mentality, which can even give Mr Bond the chills.

Trust me when I say this: you don’t want to be on Agent 47’s list.

And as Agent 47 aka The Hitman wears his signature coat, red tie, leather gloves, AMT Hardballers pistol and fibre-wire garrote, you know it is time for some first-class action gaming. And the all-new Hitman game doesn’t disappoint.

Of course, as a trained assassin you’re not going to be putting a bullet into your opponents’ heads. Instead, you will find yourself solving intricate puzzles, blending and interacting with people, sneaking into rooms and knocking the lights out of security guards.

The game is also split into six episodes that will take you all over the world – from a hotel resort in Bangkok to a Paris art museum, and even to a state-of-the-art medical facility in Hokkaido, Japan – in a web of political espionage that requires you to remain undercover at all times.

Your tasks as Agent 47 are quite tedious, and frankly ambitious.  But as always, you are in control of the game, and you get to choose your assassination strategies. But, because there is no margin for error, you will find yourself hitting the save button more often than not. You don’t want to be replaying a mission from the start every time you blow your cover, do you?

There’s also something oddly satisfying about exposing a mad scientist to a biological weapon he created, or electrocuting a famous rock star with a faulty microphone in his personal studio in Thailand.

Overall, the storylines (all six of them) are very well laid out, and even though the connection between each episode is vague, it still captures the true essence of what the story has to portray. The graphics are extremely crisp, and the physics engine (Glacier Engine) is nothing short of slick.

Play the Hitman to get a taste of the drama you’re missing from Agent 007’s missions. There’s something oddly cool and satisfying about taking control of a psychotic serial-killing agent. Or is it just me?

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