Genesis: Driven to Success [Suad Said Abdullah Aal Thani]

23 Feb 2017
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After graduating as a nutritionist from Sultan Qaboos University, Suad Said Abdullah Aal Thani began her career at Nestle. Today, she is head of the team that takes care of marketing the company’s products in the Sultanate, and is also drawing up a plan to launch an all-organic, natural cosmetic line in Oman.

Q: What drives you to success?

There are currently two factors that drive me to attaining a successful future. Firstly, it is my hope that I have a future with my company. At Nestle, we have performance evaluations as well as biennial evaluations –and that is what makes me want to set goals for myself. I always tell myself where I have to be in one year’s time and will work hard to attain that position. Secondly, my twin girls (10 months old) motivate me to work harder than ever before. I work for them as I want them to grow up to see a mother who has accomplished her dreams and has secured a life for them.   

Q: Who or what has been your inspiration in your career?

For everything I do, I have a role model. In some cases, it is my managers who I have worked with. Each and every one has their own behaviour and work pattern, from which I can garner inspiration from. But on a more personal level, I take a lot of inspiration from my mother. I want to become like her. Growing up, I saw her work incredibly hard and still make time for all of us. Currently, she also takes care of my young ones when I am at work. So, if there is anyone I would like to become like, it is my mother. 

Q: What is your biggest career success to date?

I can successfully vouch that I have become a very different lady since I began working at Nestle. And that has also led me to believe that I can achieve a lot if I work hard. So, in the coming months, I will be opening up my own cosmetics line, NATURAVISTA, which will provide customers in Oman with exclusive handmade organic cosmetics. The products will come from Portugal, and we will be the sole sellers of the products. I have already drawn up everything, and I believe that everything up until now has been nothing short of a success story.      

Q: What are your career goals?

My goal would be to make NATURAVISTA one of the leading cosmetic brands within Oman. I have always been an individual who admires exclusive and elegant products – and now I want to give the same to the people in Oman.          

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

In 10 years’ time, I would like to see my company grow past Oman, and enter the international market. Of course, I would focus on the Middle East first. But, as soon as we do that, I would like to introduce other handmade and naturally crafted bags, shoes and other lifestyle items.     

Q: What do you like about the Genesis?

I love the Genesis because it is extremely stable on the fast-paced roads of Oman. It also does have a lot of features that I have not seen on many luxury cars of late. I particularly fancy the radar-guided cruise control and the 360-degree camera. It really does make driving an easier affair. In all, I cherished my moments behind the wheel of this car, and I can see myself driving this on a daily basis. Everything from the exterior, to the interiors and the mechanics are in tandem with the goal to provide a luxury driving experience.

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