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05 Jan 2017
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Portable gadgets have transformed the way we live our lives, both indoors and outdoors, finds Alvin Thomas.

Switch over

Every time Nintendo trails the competition, it makes a comeback with something truly extraordinary. A decade ago, it was the Gameboy Advance handheld consoles; today it is the Nintendo Switch. Details on the device are scarce, but Nintendo claims to have “reinvented gaming” with the Switch. The Switch is essentially a hybrid device that is capable of transforming from a traditional console to a portable gaming device in the span of a few seconds. The device comes with a portable controller too, so you can walk around the streets gaming (and bump into people). It seems like we’re going back to the good old days of gaming; 2017 is going to a good year. Prices for the Nintendo Switch will be confirmed soon.

360-degree fun

There are plenty of smartwatches out there, however, there is only one that even remotely looks similar to a traditional watch: the Moto 360. True, its battery life isn’t the best and it doesn’t connect with iPhones, but it is the only smart watch that can actually fool people into believing that you actually have a “normal” timepiece. The watch’s bezel measures 46mm, comes with water and dust resistance outside the box, a Quad-core Cortex A7 processor and 512 MB RAM. Available at local electronic stores from RO140.

Gear Up

Samsung’s Gear 360 has to be one of surprise releases of 2016, but even then, not many are actually aware of this device. The Gear 360 is essentially a spherical camera with two fish-eye lenses working together to give you a 360-degree or virtual reality images and videos. What’s more impressive is that the Gear 360 is dust and water resistant, meaning you can go underwater to shoot pictures and videos. Clips can also be transferred, trimmed and shared with your Galaxy phone or edited on a computer. Get this at Lulu Electronics for RO165, which is a lot less than its nearest competitors, such as the 360-degree GoPro version.

Editor’s Pick:

Pro tech

How much do you think is too much computing power for a laptop? Apple’s affair with cramming in heaps of fancy tech into portable computers is nothing short of commendable. Dare we say, the MacBook Pro was already the ultimate computing device out there. So, when Apple unveiled its new MacBook Pro last month, we were elated. The new laptop (at least the one that we should care about) comes with a 13.3-inch IPS display (although you can opt for bigger screens), a 2.9 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor with turbo boost technology and 8 gigs of RAM. Apart from that, you also receive an optional Touch Bar, which is essentially a smaller screen on top of your keyboard that lets you have customised controls for different applications. This really is the perfect portable gadget you can buy today. Yours for a hefty RO560 u[wards from all leading electronics stores across Oman.

App of the Week:

Here and Now

Nobody understands “portable” like Nokia does; trust us when we say that. So when the company revealed its HERE maps, we were enthralled. HERE is Nokia’s very own map service, with a trick up its sleeve: it requires no internet connection. Of course, the app requires you to download maps onto your phone, however, it will save you heaps of money when you’re on the go, allowing you to stow your internet connection. The app also provides you turn-by-turn navigation, search and satellite imagery. Download and register for free from Google Play or iTunes.

Top two game titles to look out for in 2017

Gran Turismo Sport

Good news folks: Polyphony Digital, developers of the Gran Turismo, has announced that it will be releasing its latest title, the Gran Turismo Sport, sometime this year. Granted, they did the very same thing last year… and the year before that. However, third time’s the charm, right? Our instinct says that Gran Turismo will be released this year. Expect 500-something cars to feature in the title, along with realistic driving dynamics, sounds as well as weather and numerous game modes. The developers have also revealed the addition of a special Virtual Reality Tour Mode, aimed to utilise PlayStation’s new VR headset, so we’re pinning our hopes on this title.

Platform: PS4+VR

Release Date: August 2017

Batallion 1944

This is going to be a fantastic year for gamers. Firstly, Battlefield 1 was just released a few days ago, and secondly Batallion 1944 is due to make its debut mid-year. The game essentially revolves around World War II, showing the many perils faced by forces across the globe. Of course, you will be taking the role of a first-person in this arcade-style action game. The game will be multiplayer only and there will be dedicated online servers with anti-cheating mechanisms for a smooth gameplay experience. The game looks promising and judging from the trailer footage, it should be quite an experience. Moreover, the game will make use of the Unreal 4 gaming engine, meaning the physics will be pin-point accurate. We cannot wait to get our hands on
this one.

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Release Date: May 2017

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