Taste Test: Teeffee Café

12 Jan 2017
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Alvin Thomas finds the proof of the pudding is in the eating at a new café in his neighbourhood.

Evening walks are fun: after a long day of writing behind me, it is the best way to tread away the general stresses of life. Above all, it is the perfect way to encounter new things happening around my area – something I don’t get to see very often nowadays.

Just like that, when I was out for my evening stroll, I noticed a new outlet – the Teeffee Café – not far from where I live in Azaiba.

I usually don’t stop to admire restaurants but with its wood finish and fairly pleasant ambience, Teeffee definitely caught my eye. But I didn’t bother heading in and decided to leave it for another day.

Therefore, when I was made the official taste tester for Y this week, I knew where I was heading.

This was also one of my solo trips out for dinner since my brother (aka Captain Kirk) has now left for university. Therefore, it was an opportunity to kick back and relax over some tea and snacks.

I decided to take a seat outside as the weather was actually very congenial.

The waiters were affable and welcoming, and handed me the menu as soon as I had settled into my seat.

The menu was neatly laid out too, with options galore. There are numerous varieties of teas, coffees, fresh juices and even smoothies to choose from. Interestingly, you can also opt for items such as burgers, tortilla wraps, shawarmas and club sandwiches.

I ordered the Saffron Tea and a side of samosas – a fried delicacy filled with potatoes and spices. I was trying to replicate my good old days at college, when I used to head into one of the local coffee outlets in India and spend hours reading novels and analysing newspapers while munching on samosas and gulping down coffee.

Of course, I didn’t have a book with me today so I resorted to settling down for a staring contest with my phone. Thankfully, both the tea and the samosas arrived in less than 10 minutes.

Both didn’t last too long on my plate. The tea was incredibly refreshing. There was a generous portion of saffron in the tea, and despite the tea being pre-sweetened, they somehow managed to find the right mix. I didn’t find the tea to be either too sweet or too bland; it was simply perfect.

The samosas, on the other hand, were freshly prepared. However, I found them too spicy for my liking. Mind you, anybody with a penchant for spicy food might enjoy them. I’m just not a fan of spicy food.

In any case, since I was still hungry, I ordered Teeffee’s special shawarma. It only took a couple of minutes to arrive but it was definitely well prepared. It was almost like they were expecting me to order it. 

Teeffee’s special shawarma was unlike those found in your average Turkish and Lebanese joints. For instance, the chicken was wrapped in freshly prepared bread rolls, as opposed to Arabic bread (which I am a fan of). It was unique if a little odd. However, it tasted great, and I am definitely going back there for some more of their shawarmas.

While I was at it, I also ordered Teeffee’s special pudding which, according to the chef, was prepared using biscuits, peanut butter and caramel syrup.

He also told me that it was only available if you’re dining in and not if you were opting for a takeaway.

The pudding was presented in a Teeffee branded glass bowl. It also tasted really good. What was funny was how the folks here experiment with basic ingredients to come up with something truly scrumptious.

The pudding was consistent and the caramel and peanut butter crusting on the sides provided a very sweet base.

Sometimes, it is the simple little things that add up to create something truly amazing, right?

In all, I was incredibly happy with my solo experience at Teeffee Café.

The folks here, despite having opened a few weeks ago, were still well-prepared for customers. The overall ambience of the café was nice too. I can actually see myself sitting here with my friends for long hours at weekends.

Teeffee Café is definitely worth giving a shot. Here’s a small suggestion from me: do try out their teas and puddings. They’re absolutely gorgeous. It feels amazing to have a good experience in a Taste Test, after two disappointing episodes.     

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Teeffee Café Info Box

  • Opp. Azaiba Driving School ground
  • Wesbite: www.teeffeecafe.com
  • Opening Hours: 6am to 2am
  • Dinner: RO6.8


  • 7/10 Service
  • 8/10 Food
  • 9/10 Ambience

Great food and an ambience to match.

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