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12 Jan 2017
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There’s a range of laptops out there to suit everybody’s needs, but which one is for you? Alvin Thomas checks out a few choices.

Power Tool

There’s a reason why people love Dell so much, and that’s because of the XPS range of laptops. Today, with the new XPS 13, the brand still lives up to its name and continues to rake in new customers. And why not? The XPS 13 is phenomenally thin, light, and frankly, quite the looker. It features a gorgeous bezel-less 30cm 1080p InfinityEdge display, INTEL’s latest Skylake i3 processor, lightning fast storage and memory, as well as USB Type-C with Thunderbolt. Spec the laptop right and you’re looking at an Apple MacBook Pro killer right here. This laptop is –hands down – the best Windows laptop money can buy today. Available at all leading electronic stores from RO580 onwards.

Razer Sharp

There was a time when Razer devices (laptops, headphones, keyboards, etc.) were considered a relatively cheaper alternative to devices from Alienware and MSI. Today, however, the brand has shed all its early baggage to create what is possibly the best bang-for-your-buck gaming laptop in the market, although it isn’t the most powerful gaming laptop out there. Packed with an INTEL Kaby Lake i7 processor and 16 gigs of RAM, there’s no denying: the Razer Blade Stealth will keep up or maybe even overshadow the big guns. Better yet, this laptop can change the lighting on its keyboard to suit your tastes. Get yours from amazon.com from RO370 onwards.


There’s no way we’re featuring the most powerful gadgets out there, and skipping the MacBook. True, the MacBook may not be the fastest laptop out there, but it still has the specs to eke its way into this spot. For 2017 (although it was released late 2016), Apple packs the MacBook with an Intel Skylake Core M processor, which is clocked at 1.1GHz. Apart from that, the MacBook still maintains its thin, low-profile body despite having a 3.5mm headphone jack (cough… iPhone 7… cough) and USB Type-C ports. It’s the perfect device for the professional on-the-go. From RO500 from all leading electronics stores in Oman.

Editor’s Pick


Have you ever looked at your computer and asked yourself: “Hey! Why can’t I play my games in 4K? Well then, good news; Nvidia recently revealed its all new GeForce GTX 1080, and it is by far the best graphic card money can buy today. No more strapping two graphic cards for maximum performance (although we’re not sure if people still do that). Nevertheless, with the launch of Nvidia’s Pascal architecture (and the GTX 1080) you can now get the performance of two high-end graphic cards for a fraction of the price. Of course, you could risk burning down your house if you decide to game at 4K for long hours, so it is best you keep switching to and fro to keep the heat to a minimum. You still should get excellent framerates and a lag-free experience though. From RO220 at amazon.com.

App of the Week

Nova Launcher

Hand on heart: how often does your android phone stutter in performance on a daily basis? Well, if you said, “a few times”, then fret not, Nova Launcher is here for you. Nova Launcher is a custom launcher designed to smooth out the various bugs in your stock launcher (TouchWiz, etc.), while providing you with silky-smooth performance. The app is fast, slick and also highly customisable. There is a lot of options to work through, from colour themes to icon packs, scrollable docks to app drawer customisations, folder settings and infinite scrolling. Download for free from Google Play.

Game Review: Virtual Reality

The advent of virtual reality headsets has opened up a whole new level in portable entertainment. Today, people can watch a movie on Netflix, take a rollercoaster ride or even travel to the international space station and observe the solar system in close depth – there’s just so much you can do.

You can also buy these virtual reality headsets from all leading manufacturers such as PlayStation (PlayStation VR), Samsung (Gear VR), HTC, (Vive) and Oculus.

But there’s one thing we tend to forget: virtual reality has actually been a part of the gaming industry for more than two decades.

Rewind to 1993: this was a time when virtual reality seemed to be booming. Every arcade gaming arena seemed to have consoles with added virtual effects.

For instance, Virtua Cop was a game released by SEGA. Admittedly, the graphics weren’t particularly mind-boggling and the game was quite sketchy, even for its time. However, it had one trick up its sleeve: you could use a gun (attached to the system) to take down targets.

As you completed levels, the game became increasingly difficult, albeit, it was all a part of that “virtual experience”. What’s more interesting is that the gun was sinisterly accurate, and it provided users with a very immersive gaming experience – even though there weren’t any virtual reality headsets at that time. All you had to do was point at a screen and take a shot.

Fast forward to today and we’re back on the bandwagon that was set in motion decades ago, only it is more accessible to us today. A Google cardboard will set you back roughly RO6, and will come with a host of compatible games. Galaxy VR is one of the more captivating games out there. It is a shooter that combines aerial battling in space with an FPS shooter experience.

The best part of the game is that you can actually look around and experience your surroundings like an actual pilot. You will require an additional controller for the game, but it is well worth your time and money. Mind you, the game is so riveting you may find yourself motion sick after a few minutes of gaming. 

So, will virtual reality stay long enough to see the light of day? Or will it die down like it did before? Well, this time, it may just hold on.

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Galaxy VR

Download: Google Play

Cost: 700 baisas

Rating: 16 and up

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