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12 Jan 2017
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As training intensifies for the Al Mouj Muscat Marathon on January 27, David Wentzel, the master trainer at Horizon Fitness, offers his top tips for going the distance.

With 1,200 runners expected to compete in this year’s Al Mouj Muscat Marathon, to be held on January 27, the pressure is on for competitors to be at their peak fitness levels.

And with training sessions being held at Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex in Muscat every Friday morning in the lead-up to the event, there’s no excuse to lose your motivation. The training sessions are being hosted by Horizon Fitness, the official fitness partner of the 2017 race, which is being organised by Muscat Road Runners and Oman Sail.

“Training for a marathon can be challenging for the average individual,” says David. “In order to stay on top of your training in any event, it is important that you focus on your goal, which, in this case, would be to complete the marathon in your best time possible.”

Here are David’s tips on making the most of your training and handling the race:

The challenge

In the weeks leading up to the event it is crucial that we challenge ourselves. How do we do this? It’s fairly simple: set your goal distance, set an achievable yet challenging time goal and give it your best. But don’t be put off if you are not hitting that time or distance yet as you need to work towards that goal distance or time.

Stay motivated

Staying motivated is often where most of us fall short. We set a goal to do something but fall short and often lose interest in achieving it. But staying motivated is the key to achieving your goal. Why? The most important part of any goal is the reason behind it. Ask yourself: “Why? Why am I here? Why am I running? Why do I want to do this?” These are questions only you can answer and should motivate you. For some of us, your motivation could be prompted by a journey to better health, to achieve a competitive result, to raise money for a worthy cause or simply to take on a challenge. Whatever your reason is, use that as your driving force to keep you motivated and on track.

Mix it up

Leading up to the race, it is important to focus and make sure you are getting as much training in as possible. The best way to train for a marathon is to do marathon training. However, doing a full body training regime would be very beneficial to ensure you are building and working on all aspects of your fitness. You should also include stretching in your training regime and also have days off for rest and recovery.


This also plays a big role leading up to your race day. You should be eating good nutritious foods in the days before the event and increasing your carbohydrate intake to store up lots of energy for the day. As well as this, you need to stay well-hydrated and make sure you are getting enough salts and minerals. Good luck!

The facts

• The 2017 race will feature three events – the 42km marathon, 21km half marathon and 10km run – and will start and finish at Al Mouj Muscat. While the final route has not yet been decided, it is expected to showcase some of the most striking locations around the capital.

• The marathon takes place on January 27.

• The 2016 Muscat Marathon featured 600 runners, but this has doubled to 1,200 competitors this year.

• The Horizon Fitness training sessions are held on Fridays at 8am at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex.

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