Multi-tasking marvels

26 Jan 2017
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Gadgets need to be versatile in today’s virtual world. Alvin Thomas, a man who can multi-task, tests some of them out.

Quick Fix

So imagine this scenario: you’ve just bought yourself a spanking-new Apple iPhone 7. You’re extremely chuffed about your expensive purchase and cannot seem to part with it; it’s there with you wherever you go. You also tend to spend quite a lot of time with it because you can’t get enough of Apple’s Ear Pods (bundled wired earphones). But bam! You’re out of juice. Your battery has just run out. In a normal scenario, you would have to remove the earphones (which connect to the lightning port) and plug in your charger. It’s not a two-in-one scenario, and you’re left with either the charger or the headphones. And that’s where the Belkin Lightning Audio + Charger comes in handy: what it lets you do is charge (or even transfer files to your computer), and listen to music at the same time. It’s incredibly versatile and quite compact, too. Yours for RO15.4 from


Smartphone accessories haven’t been all that innovative in recent years. As a matter of fact, more people these days opt for quick-switch accessories like a battery-extender or a phone case, and have done with it. With the Puzlook, however, things are quite different. The case, which easily clips on to any iPhone – as long as it is post-2015 – not only offers your phone extra protection but also gives it five extra eyes – literally! The body shell houses five interchangeable smartphone camera lenses – ranging from fish-eye, micro (yes, micro), tele-photo, zoom and wide-angle – and essentially lets you have the right lens at the right time. Even better is the fact that the five lenses form a puzzle on the rear of your phone so if you’re looking for one, simply slide a few lenses and you’ll be ready to snap away. Get this gadget for RO28 from

Fourth time’s a charm

Are you one of those tech-savvy individuals who require multiple smartphones and tablets just to get through the day? If so, you would know the pain of having to find a charging cable when you most need it. How awful would life be if your flat iPhone was connected to the charger, and your Samsung phone just died on you? Disaster alert! What are going to do now? You’re going to have to get one of the all-new Fourza chargers. The gadget essentially allows you to charge up to four devices at a single stretch, and size doesn’t matter. The insides of the device are lined in rubber so that your precious device won’t slide out, and there’s a total of 48W of juice. Get yours from RO15.4 from

Editor’s Pick


Summer is fast approaching, folks. It only seems like yesterday that the temperature dropped, and winter grabbed us from the sweaty and sticky paws of summer. However, we have to face reality here – and that’s why the Evapolar is our top pick for this week. The little gadget is essentially a desktop air conditioner, and you can simply lay it on your desk and let it do its thing of cooling you and your surroundings down. While it may not be as powerful as a regular AC, it definitely scores brownie points by not needing any special venting to work. The working is quite simple too: simply plug in the cord and feel the sensation. There are also cooling capsules – which we believe are safe micro-refrigerant units. These also light up to illuminate the room should you need them to. Get yours for RO75, from

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