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All about the base

The latest craze for beauty blenders has reached new heights thanks to the SiliSponge, writes Taylor Glover.

For the past 10 years or so, traditional sponge blenders have been the foundation of our beauty routines, buffing our faces perfectly and allowing us to create a look that has few, if any, flaws.

But in this digital age of ours, it doesn’t take long for something new to go viral on the internet and on social media platforms. And when something starts being talked about, particularly by beauty vloggers on YouTube, you know that the product will sell out pretty quickly. And so it is with the SiliSponge – the latest beauty blender that uses silicone rather than a sponge to perfect our make-up. After eight restocks, and a “sold out” decal lingering over its range of SiliSponges for quite a while now, it is safe to say that Molly Cosmetics has clearly created the blockbuster applicator of 2017.

The teardrop-shaped blender is petite and will fit into half of your palm. The rigid silicon that encases the liquid inside provides a firm applicator, which is perfect for buffing your concealer and foundation into the more expansive parts of the face, such as the cheeks and forehead.

Some of you may have seen some beauty vloggers on YouTube using silicon bra inserts to apply their base and foundation. Basically, this is the hack to use if you can’t get your hands on that hard-to-get SiliSponge. However, the vloggers say the squishy feel of the silicon between their fingers is a little alarming but this is perhaps because it feels so different to the traditional sponge applicator.

Watching one YouTuber use a silicone insert instead of the real product was interesting. It started out gloopy and very streaky and it took double the time it would to blend foundation with a regular beauty blender.

But once it was buffed, their complexion was flawless and just as dewy as it would have been with a sponge application. I was surprised, to say the least. It spread the product very evenly and required less foundation.

One of the best advantages of the SiliSponge is that it’s very easy to clean, with a squirt of soap and a rinse under cool water. I’m not sure if it would be my choice of daily applicator because it takes so long to apply. But it was fun to see what the fad was about.

The reigning sponge beauty blenders are what they say they are… sponges. They absorb the beauty product, whether it be foundation, concealer or cream blush/contouring creams and even loose powder and are more difficult to keep clean. However, they do provide a flawless and dewy finish. It’s as if the applicator hugs each and every pore to provide an even and controlled base.

My beauty sponge also allows me to blend the product into the inner and outer corner of my eye, where the product can be used liberally. However, when contouring the face you need a specific shape or shadow, I prefer to dab my applicator into a small amount of product. I’m not so sure how easily I could do this with the SiliSponge.

From this, I can achieve a controlled and buffed finish, giving me the option to build the product to give the desired look for the occasion.

Through using and caring for your sponge blender properly, you can keep them clean for up to three months. This can be achieved through using the blender as it should be: wet. Yes, wet. The sponge output is activated when the fibres are dampened – providing the ultimate coverage. The correct technique is also crucial – soft dabbing motions should be exercised when buffing. Any swirling or swiping of the face could not only damage your pores and cause breakouts but tear your beauty blender and shorten its life.

Despite the hype about the SiliSponge and its advantages, many still prefer traditional sponge blenders, including me! But it seems that being “sili” could be the way of the future.