Taste Test: Kobe Sizzlers

29 Dec 2016
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Saima Siddique finds an eatery with a startling assortment of sizzling offerings that she and her family simply can’t resist.

Raised in a diehard foodie family, there aren’t many restaurants in Muscat that my siblings and I haven’t tried. Kobe Sizzlers had never really caught our attention before but now that it has, it has become one of our favourites.

Kobe Sizzlers can be found near Qurum Commercial Centre (QCC). And there are actually two restaurants in one – the second is Lemongrass. The restaurant has seating both inside and outside. We preferred sitting indoors and fortunately, as it was a Saturday, it wasn’t crowded.

Kobe’s seems like a fine restaurant to me, with its dim lighting, soft music and cozy atmosphere. Several paintings hang proudly on the red walls while a petite, golden lamp helps to illuminate the homely atmosphere so well. 

We took our seats at the corner and the waiter laid out the menus after a minute or two. After perusing the menu, we discovered we could have Chinese, Thai, Indian or Arabic food.

Kobe’s also has some amazing meals for lunch, which are quite cheap. Some of the starters are pretty delicious too including the manchow soup, which I had, and it was a definite hit. We craved sizzlers so we went with chicken chilli, chicken Manchurian and garlic chicken.

Apart from this, the menu had a load of other options like steak, which is cooked to your preference in almost no time at all. No worries.

The food took about 20 minutes to come to our table and by then we were ravenous. The sizzling sound of the food was enough to make our mouths water.

Our server presented the food one-by-one in front of us. Quick tip: wait for five minutes before eating sizzlers as they are extremely hot!

The food looked absolutely stunning but was way too hot to dig in straight away (trust me, I’m an old hand). After a very long five minutes ended, we tucked in. The chicken was perfectly cooked and the rice – neatly hidden under the sauce – was accompanied by a medley of vegetables such as beans, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and bell peppers; all cooked to perfection.

The mashed potatoes were scooped into perfectly round balls; so round we didn’t want to ruin their perfection. But alas, they were meant to be eaten. The only marks dropped here was when our server forgot to ask us whether or not we wanted any side dishes. But as soon as the waiter realised this, a plate full of French fries was in front of us, which offered the dilemma of diving into the fries or the mash.

The members of my family present were also satisfied with the Manchurian chicken and particularly loved the sauce. My brother did complain that there was a lot of chillies in his chicken chilli but the clue was in the name.

After stuffing ourselves, it was quite late and past the restaurant’s closing time but the staff were fine with this. After such large portions, none of us had the courage to go for dessert. Whoever said there is always room for dessert never went to Kobe’s.

The prices were quite reasonable, especially when you consider the generous portion sizes. The service was also good throughout.

It was a very tasty experience, with amazing staff and negligible complaints. Without a moment’s hesitation, I’d be very happy to go there again.    

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Kobe Sizzlers Info Box

  • GBM Building, Qurum (near Qurum Commercial Centre)
  • Tel: 2456 3220
  • Opening hours: 12-3pm, 7pm-11.30pm
  • Dinner for seven: RO35.2


  • 8/10 Service
  • 9/10 Food
  • 9/10 Ambience

Fabulous food and friendly service

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