Sultanate records population rise

22 Dec 2016
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The Sultanate’s population has witnessed a substantial increase, swelling to 4,550,538 people over a span of just two months, according to statistics released this week by the National Centre for Statistics & Information (NCSI).

The statistics take into consideration a timeframe of September to November 2016 and shows an overall increase in the Sultanate’s population of 0.3 per cent. From that number, a total of 2.46 million are Omani, while the other 2.08 million are expatriates.

The NCSI also noted that of the total Omani population, 34.7 per cent resided in the Governorate of Muscat. Muscat also stands tall with the largest total population of any other Governorate in the country with 1.47 million residents, including 962,479 expatriates and 511,868 nationals. Musandam is the least populated Governorate in Oman, with only 44,421 residents.

Meanwhile, the Governorate of North Al Batinah came second with a population of 752,857, with the number of Omanis and expatriates standing at 266,713 and 486,144 respectively.

The Governorate of Al Buraimi recorded a total of 113,087 residents, of which, 58,979 were expatriates and 54,108 were Omanis.

The Governorates Al Dhakhiliya and South Al Batinah recorded a total of 454,806 and 413,474 residents, respectively, while the Governorates of South and North A’Sharqiyah touched 308,807 and 277,441 respectively.

The NCSI statistics also revealed that the Governorate of Dhahira’s population peaked at 211,010 and comprised of a total of 149,516 Omanis and 61,494 expatriates, while Al Wusta registered a population of 45,574, with 23,950 nationals and a total of 21,624 expatriates.

The Governorate of Dhofar recorded a total population of 454,714.

Earlier this year, the NCSI had conducted a study that revealed the Sultanate’s population would almost double to eight million residents by 2040.

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