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Suit’s Up, Sir

It’s just a few days before Christmas, and before you know it we’ll be ringing in the new year. It’s not the time to don your favourite jumper and jeans. This is the season to celebrate with a stylish look.

Get The Look: From the high end to the high street, Christine Karan helps you to get the look. Follow Christine on Instagram @Hearmyshoestory.

Kill the regular blacks and blues. Try something different or unique. This trendy, green floral cropped jacket from River Island is the one you need. Get it from RO54.

No matter what time of the day or what occasion, a definitive, crisp white shirt always works wonders. It pairs well with every shade and yet gives that stylish edge, such as this shirt from Burton Menswear London. From RO9.

Be the man of time; be the man on time. Accentuate your attire with a wrist accessory that will make a statement. From Hammond & Co. by Patrick Grant Automatic Skeleton Dial Brown. Available at Debenhams from RO69.

Shoes represent who you are. These studded “Rockstar” shoes from Men at Dune are just the ticket for festive fun. Buy them from RO46.

Though bow ties belong to a bygone age, they never went out of style. This red and blue patterned bow tie from River Island is the perfect accessory to break the monotony of wearing a regular tie and can sprinkle some happening hipster vibes. From RO5.

Surprisingly, it’s getting pretty chilly in the evenings in Muscat. For those of you who thought you could withstand the cool breeze at outdoor parties, you may want to have a re-think. Wrap up and look chic in this wool, metallic, spotty scarf from East. From RO24.

Complete your fashion attire with the perfect belt. Break the monotony or go with the flow. Belts have the power to give you that chic sharpness, such as this Alasdair Belt from White Stuff from RO25.