Party Time

08 Dec 2016
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It’s the season of the year during which you’ll be going to parties, get-togethers and more parties. Need something to stand out from the usual blacks and reds? Something you can sparkle in? We’ve got the looks for you to be in the spotlight all night long.

Get the Look: From the high end to the high street, Christine Dharanya helps you to get the look (Instagram: @Hearmyshoestory)


Are you a Game of Thrones fan? We are sure that with this dress you will be transported to Westeros, ready to be the elegant queen you are. Get the dress from Phase Eight, from RO166.


Add a pop of colour and dazzle all night in this Littlewood’s Motel high-neck copper sequined mini-dress. If “less is more”, this dress will make you look stunning and ready to party. Get the dress, from RO41.


If you are not really a fan of dresses or skirts, why not pair your denim jeans with this classic, shimmering, sequined navy top? Get this glittering piece from Apricot, from RO13.


Be a little imaginative and look a little futuristic, in these silver ankle boots from Topshop. Pair them with jeans or a black skirt and feel like the super heroine, Storm! Buy a pair from RO27.


When you want to rebel in your traditional “pretty dress”, this head chain from Diva at Miss Selfridge could be your best friend. However, you will be applauded for a unique festive look. From RO4.


You’ve got the perfect dress, the perfect shoes and the perfect earrings. Yet, you want to add that one statement piece, right? This Rose Gold Wishbone Ring from Accessorize will add just the glamour you need. Get it from RO7.


Folli Follie’s gold Match Point watch is a much-needed accessory for completing an ensemble either for day or evening wear. What’s special about this piece of art? This stunning timepiece will adapt to any type of look you want to wear, from elegant to casual. From RO68.6.


It’s winter and it would be a mistake not to wear at least one accessory to represent the season. These snowflake-shaped white-stone studs from Debenhams will not just enhance your look but take you to a high level of glamour. From RO5.

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