Making Waves

15 Dec 2016
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The biggest hair trend this party season has to be curls. Celebrity hairdresser Asgar Saboo offers his tips to keep you on message.

The festive season is so nearly upon us and no doubt you are prepared! Killer dress? Check Statement heels? Check. Amazing hair? Fear not. Here, we have the perfect guide on how to achieve this season’s hottest hair trend for all hair lengths: curls. 

Short hair – subtle but sophisticated

Making Waves

To achieve this look you can dampen your hair and apply a lightweight mousse. Spread it evenly through your hair by using a brush or a thin comb.

Start to “rough” dry your hair and apply the nozzle directly to your roots. This will create more volume for your hair, which will make your curls stand out more. Once your hair is thoroughly dry apply a curling tong. When using this ensure you roll it inwards towards your scalp for 25 seconds then slowly unroll to create a bouncy curl. Repeat this process until your hair is completely curled. To loosen the curls, slowly run your fingers in between each part of your hair or leave as styled. Apply some hairspray then you’re good to go.

Mid length – make a wave

Making Waves

For mid-hair styles, loose curls/waves are the most flattering as the style combines the two. To achieve this look, start off with towel-dry hair and then add some gel to help tame the flyaway and frizz. The styling gel/spray will also help set your curls later on. Again, use a hairbrush or thin comb to ensure that the product is spread evenly through your hair. For drying, flip your hair until it is around 85 per cent dry as you still want some moisture left so that it is easier to style with. Try to avoid touching your hair when drying as this will create more frizz. Once drying is complete, section your hair into 5cm squares all over your head, using zigzag lines to part. This will help produce a more imperfect finish. With each section, apply a small amount of mousse through it and twist the strand to wind it into a tight mini bun then secure with a hair clip and repeat this process all over your head. Blast each mini bun with your hair dryer until your hair is dry and the bobby pins feel hot. This should take around 15-20 minutes. When done, wrap small sections of your hair around your curling tong and curl as normal. Finally, use a small amount of gel to tame the frizz and define the waves. Tousle as you apply for that effortless look.

Long hair – luscious locks

Making Waves

The evergreen Hollywood glamour look never goes out of style and is perfect for making a statement at your office Christmas party. To achieve this, start off by applying some volumising mousse directly to your roots and repeat this process throughout your hair. To apply more speedily, use a hairbrush or thin comb to ensure even distribution and leave your hair in a side parting. Blow-dry your hair and direct the nozzle to your roots. This will also create more volume and add more bounce to your curls. Set hair into a centre parting and pin the two side sections out of the way. Spray the remaining hair with a holding spray and split into two. Curl each section with a curling iron. Once this is done, hold each curl for six to eight seconds before releasing and clipping to the head to help them set. Release the hair from the sides and continue to curl 10cm sections, working from the back to the front. Once the curls have cooled, release the clips and brush through to soften the curls into a gentle wave. To complete the look apply a shine spray and position one part of your hair over your shoulder. Leave the rest to sit on your back or pull all of your hair to one side and let it sit loosely.

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