Destination: Fins beach

29 Dec 2016
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Shaquel al Balushi finds his form with a fishing rod at his favourite scenic and camping spot, in the gorgeous beach at Fins.

It’s that time of the year again: daylight is dipping and the nights are drawing in, with temperatures dropping below 20 degrees. For many, this is a time to huddle up at home but for me and my group of friends, who call ourselves the “Second Cup group” (because we spend hours chatting at the Second Cup coffee outlet in Jawaharat Shatti), this is the perfect time for a camping trip.

And that’s exactly what we decided to do last weekend. Our decision was to spend some time at one of the beautiful coves in Fins, a small village in Wadi Shab in the Sharqiya Region. Its sandy and pebble-covered beaches are perfect for escaping the busy and bustling life of the city.

We started our journey to Fins on Thursday evening and opted for scenic coastal roads as opposed to boring highways. It took us a total of two hours to reach our location but upon getting there, we found that a lot of people also had the same idea. So we had to move on to another spot, and after many hours of fruitless searching we finally found a little stretch of fine, white sand that didn’t seem too crowded. It was just the perfect spot for setting up our camp.

In total, our location was a mammoth 200km away from Muscat so most of our group arrived only after darkness had descended. Therefore, there wasn’t much exploring to be done and we set about putting up our tents under the light of our torches.

After that, we unpacked our things to make something to eat. One of the guys in the group made some tea and then we prepared some barbequed-marinated meat for the night.

The group had come together from around Muscat but we have all been friends for a long time so we had plenty to talk about.

Apart from the beauty of the place itself, the sea overflowed with coral and fish, which is not surprising because most of the coastal area of Oman contains a richness of life beneath the water.

Our group is really fond of fishing and they even claim to be fishermen but never seem to have any luck on camping trips.

Fortunately, the curse was broken and we ended up catching as many fish as we could. After all our adventures at night we went to sleep in our designated tents and I was prepared to see the sunrise.

The sunrise was beautiful and I sat on the shore and enjoyed the sound of early morning waves and walked along the beach capturing a variety of photos, from seabirds to some strange-looking creatures I couldn’t identify.

Finally, my friends woke up and we had breakfast and decided to have some time in the ocean. The water was quite cold but it was the best way to start the morning.

I got an opportunity to take a special photo of two tents –  an old one and a modern one in one frame. This was the best photo of this weekend trip.

It had been a long day and it was time to pack up before having our traditional coffee to celebrate our time together. It had been a fun weekend with my friends.

This was my first camping trip of the season; an amazing experience made all the more pleasant by mild temperatures and a cool breeze, and I can’t wait for many more over the months to come. 

How To Get There?

It’s an easy drive from Muscat to Fins Beach.  From the capital, take Route 17 via Amerat and continue on until you see the signs for Fins. The trip should take just under two hours.

GPS location:

N22°57’13.5”; E59°11’55.9”

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