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10 Nov 2016
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Gadgets are omnipresent and can transform your smartphone, but how good are they at predicting the weather? Matthew Herbst takes a look.


The Vaavud is a useful wind smartphone accessory that works with an iPhone or a Samsung phone. The Vaavud is useful for kitesurfers, windsurfers, sailors, paragliders, model aircraft pilots, or for any activity that requires you to measure wind. Alternatively, if you are just curious then it can be a lot of fun too. At, from RO18.


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This eye-catching Crystal Weather Station is made from a crystalline block. It includes laser-engraved, crystal 3D weather icons that illuminate in red, blue or green depending on whether it’s sunny or cloudy. It also has a radio-controlled clock, and you can swap between indoor and outdoor modes. At, from RO46.


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Here’s a little something for indoors. Nest is a smart thermostat that adjusts the inside temperature and will also inform you what the humidity is. It is super smart as it’s also weather-aware and keeps an eye on conditions to let you know how the outside temperature affects the use of your energy consumption. At, from RO95.

Editor’s Pick:


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Tempescope is no ordinary weather station. This cool gadget actually creates the weather in your home. The box, which resembles something similar to a lamp or lava lamp, is actually a display that visualises the weather, based on forecasts from the internet. This works in terms of it getting a wireless connection via a Smart TV. When it’s raining, the box appears to contain drops of water and when there’s lightning, the box flashes just as you see in the sky. Now that is smart! At Price TBC in future.

App of the Week:


weather gadgets

Accuweather is a comprehensive weather app that shows a 15-day forecast including useful temperature graphs. You can also scroll down to see what to expect for the rest of your day, and it shows the current levels of humidity, wind speed, cloud cover and pressure. And as a bonus, there’s even more information below that gives you information about the sun and moon phases and a map of your location. Free at

Review: Project Cars

– By Alvin Thomas

Project Cars

When you think of the perfect racing simulator available today, your mind quickly wanders to games such as the GranTurismo6 or Forza 6. Granted, they’re arguably the best games out there today, with ultra high-end graphics, perfect in-game physics, and also realism.

In short, they’re the best of the very best out there.

However, thanks to a long delay in the release of GranTurismo7 on the PlayStation platform, there has been space (and time) for competitors to catch up. And that’s exactly what Project CARS has managed to do – steal loyal GranTurismo fans (like me) into what can only be described as a slicker and purer racing simulator than the former.

Project CARS has eye-dazzling graphics, especially if you opt for the PC version. Apart from that, the cars are extremely well detailed, and even mimic real-time handling dynamics very well. Everything, from the mighty roar of the engine to the tinny screech made when metal collides with metal is realistic. You even have an array of cars to choose from – starting from regular sports cars such as the Nissan GT-R to more track-focused McLaren F1s and P1s.

But there are a few shortsides to this game. For starters, many players have been complaining of a range of issues while connecting to the server for multiplayer races. Sometimes, the artificial intelligence decides to stab you in the back just as you’re about to hit the finishing line. It’s not funny when you find yourself doing a 360-degree turn as you enter the final stretch after a 10-lap race around the Imola. Trust me!

But none of that compares to the sheer excitement you get when things go right: Project CARS is a stunning game. Round off the glitch edges in the game, and you will be looking at the ultimate simulator. Watch out for Project CARS 2, folks!

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